Harper Valentino, Springfield Lakes, 4300

Harper Valentino


One Percent Property Sales, Springfield Lakes, 4300

One Percent Property Sales

10 Meridian Ave, Springfield Lakes
Queensland 4300
Agency overview

To put it simply we're full-service, local agents who like to get to know our customers so we can better understand your needs. We also use online tools to make the home sales process smarter, faster and smoother. We do everything a traditional agent does, but with modern technology so you can get moving faster. Our unique online offer and negotiation platform creates an environment of competition unmatched by the standard sales process and is proven to achieve superior results for our customers. We then finalise the transaction utilising digital secure contracts endorsed by the big banks to keep up the momentum and ensure we don’t lose any deals.
Unlike most real estate agencies, we don’t spam our buyers with irrelevant listings that they have no interest in. Instead, we have the only platform in the country that can deliver listings to buyers’ inboxes up to two weeks before they hit the market. This means that we often receive enquiry and even offers on property faster than any other agent can. This delivers immense value for both buyers and sellers, it’s a true win-win

Marketing Plan

Now that your agent has provided you with an in-depth market appraisal, you are ready to list your home for sale. Our service includes all of the things you’d expect from a traditional real estate agent including open homes, contract negotiations, and all the support you might require throughout the process. We include a world-class marketing package that ensures you receive the maximum exposure locally, nationally and across the world with our partnership with realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and our other providers such as our photographers that make your home look stunning. It’s quite simple really: if we don’t sell your home, you don’t pay us a commission. Zip. Zero. Zilch. But we don’t think that will be a problem as we have some of the highest rates of sale amongst our peers. This is due in large part to our unique online platform that allows our buyers to make offers and for us to negotiate with them on your behalf. All buyer’s engage with the same platform which creates an environment of competition between them, which is proven to achieve superior sales results. All for only 1% +GST Commission. Now that you and your agent have agreed on a contract, they will use a secure digital contract that is endorsed by all of the big banks to ensure we get the deal finalised as soon as possible for you. This reduces the instances of sales falling over, especially when dealing with first home buyers that are increasingly becoming a large segment of the market. Your agent will attend all Building & Pest Inspections or Bank Valuations as required and step you through the entire process right to the very end. As a bonus, because you’ve used one of our agents, you also have more money in your pocket for a holiday, a new car, or perhaps a new house?

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