Ian Dawson, Annandale, 2038

Ian Dawson

Sales Executive

Callagher Real Estate - Annandale, Annandale, 2038

Callagher Real Estate - Annandale

193-195 Parramatta Road, Annandale, New South Wales 2038
Agency Overview
Vittoria and Ian work as one, they clients and peers alike respect and appreciate the dedication for there work, and professionalism consistently displayed. well respected and liked within the inner west community due to there personable nature and friendly, courteous service to both vendors and buyers. With a talent for matching buyers and sellers and building strong relationships, VittorIan aims to ensure the process of selling is as stress free as possible.
Please watch this video too, Vittoria and I always work as one ensuring you have two agents working for you at all times.
Please watch this video too, Vittoria and I always work as one ensuring you have two agents working for you at all times.
we believe when picking your agaent you need to be sure they understand don`t just understand the basics but are training and working to always be the best,

The negotiations don`t start when a buyer puts in an offer, it starts when you first meet, talk and respond to a purchaser
Value is perception, by working to sell not just your home but the street location and the amenities close by you can increase the perceived value.
Buyer evidence, educate and engagement is critical so they become emotionally connected
The first offer is rarely the best offer, however the first buyer may be the best buyer
Where you start has little to do with where we finish. Provided you are working with a negotiator.
We always act in your best interests)
Marketing Plan
Auctions generate a sense of urgency amongst buyers. This sense of urgency is due to there being a set ‘end date’ for the sale of the property and this compels potential buyers to make a decision on the day.
Competition amongst buyers; at an auction, competitive bidding amongst potential buyers means that the selling price often exceeds the expected value of the property, maximising the sale price for the seller.
Reserve Price Protection; An auction provides sellers with protection in the form of a reserve price. This means that your property will not sell unless bidding reaches a pre-agreed level. Further, there is no ceiling price, so you have the opportunity to achieve a price well above your expectations especially if there is a competitive crowd.
Set Terms; Auctions are suited to situations where the owner wants an unconditional sale (no cooling off at auction) or wishes to set specific terms of sale, such as settlement terms to suit the vendor.

• Vendor Report
This is a critical document that outlines every one that has inquired, visited, and commented on your property. It shows where the advertising budget has been spent and high lights the oportune on value from everyone who has seen the property
• Styling
This is becoming something that all buyers are now expecting and studies show that by having your home styled by the right person giving the feeling of a flowing beautiful home the money is returned two fold, setting the scene from the potential new buyer who can see just how nice their new home could be.

• Case studies on similar Property money verses return
Properties we have sold how much they spent and on what, this show where the money was spent where the buyer has come from and how many inspections, offers, registered bidders and final sale price for the home.

• Team in the office
The Callagher team is one very successful team that work together to ensure we great results we have weekly meeting to discuss how the property is performing, what changes may need to make to improve the campaign.

• David the auctioneer director of Callagher Estate Agents
David Giezekamp, a director at Callagher, is a fantastic auctioneer who sits in on every weekly meeting and every buyer and the team that will be there on auction day, to ensure we really do get the most of the registered buyers.

• Database
Callagher Estate agents have been in business for 115 Years over this time we have built a client data base with more than 37,000 active clients, this along with the great relationship we build with them we can be sure to get the best result.

Not the first buyer, But the best buyer)

I would just like to officially say thank you for the fabulous, friendly, proficient and professional service Callagher have delivered with managing the sale campaign of my property in Connecticut Avenue.

Thank you particularly for your efficient and dedicated approach to selling my property and for the energy, commitment and focused dedication to generating,
what can only be described as an exceptional result. Together with the entire team at Callagher, I have found the entire process professionally and personably handled. The back up team you employed to cover the openings, the efficiency in which all who handled my job, and the quality of professional service and work etiquette from
all at Callagher, cannot be faulted. Ian, a personal thank you for your work over the weekend an yesterday to help bring the astounding result to fruition.

To have achieved my 'wish list' result in just 3 openings is astounding and a testament to you Vittoria, and the team work at Callagher.

Sue / Fivedock

Ian Dawson, nothing is set stone but I have been an Estate Agent for 42 years, my business was in Mosman and a young John McGrath and an even younger Sara Lorden sought me out prior to starting their respective business's as I said nothing is set in stone however you and your agency have shot to the top of my list, for your professionalism and honesty. My partner and I are helping one of my sons get a start in life and as such he ownes 110 Park Avenue Ashfield
within 6 to 8 weeks he will sell his property and as I said although nothing is set in stone however you are a clear front runner to sell it for him regards Chris Dale

Chris Dale / 85 Park Avenue

My wife and I wished to sell our home in Haberfield quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Enter Vittoria & Ian from Callaghers. With access to one of the most extensive databases of buyers in the Inner West, they were able to introduce three serious buyers in the first week. By the second week, we were considering very realistic offers from two of those buyers. By week three we had sold our home for $2.9M. Results speak for themselves. We are obviously very happy with their attitude, approach and professionalism and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in Haberfield or the Inner West who is seriously thinking of selling their home.


Frank / Habberfield
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