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Jackie Lin


Snow Peak Property Management, Kangaroo Point, 4169

Snow Peak Property Management

Office/45 Deakin Street, Kangaroo Point
Queensland 4169
Agency overview

Snow Peak Property Management provides personalised property management services primarily in Kangaroo Point as well as in surrounding areas.

You will not deal with a property manager who looks after 100+ other rentals and can’t remember who you are when you call. You will only deal with experienced staff who manage a small number of properties, treat your property as if it’s their own, focusing on looking after your best interest and maximising your returns. Instead of managing your property from afar with no vested interest, we live and work here. Nothing is more important to us than maximising the potential of our buildings and the apartments within whilst mitigating risk and minimising costs.

Our property management service offers clear advantages. Here’s why:

1. Peace of mind
We take the responsibility of looking after our clients’ properties very seriously and we guarantee to keep our clients informed of all aspects of their investment properties. We know how busy our clients are so we look after all aspects of the management of our clients’ investment properties so they never have to.

2. Income Security
We conduct detailed screening of prospective tenants to ensure that only the very best tenants are selected to rent our clients’ properties. We provide a report on applicants to our owners regarding their suitability to assist our clients’ decision making process.

3. Minimum Vacancy
We begin our renewal/letting process three months prior to the expiry of the lease to achieve the lowest vacancy rate for our clients’ properties.

4. Best Rental Income in the Market
We are committed to achieve the best rent for our clients’ investment properties by conducting regular market reviews and ensuring that we are up to date with market trends.

5. Ongoing Communication
We understand that informed owners are happy owners and that regular communication is vital in any business relationship. We place great emphasis on ensuring we keep our clients informed. We consult with clients on any issues and seek clear instruction to achieve the best possible outcomes.

6. Outstanding Customer Service
Our clients deserve the best in customer service. We know how busy our clients are - so we make sure we act on our clients’ requests first time every time. We promise that our clients will never have to ask us to do the same thing twice.

7. Regular Tenant Communication
We understand that circumstance change from time to time. We are not only committed to ongoing communication with our clients, we are also committed to keeping in touch with our tenants. That way, we are aware of any potential issues that may affect our clients’ rental income or the condition of the property. Our aim is to resolve problems before they escalate.

8. Upkeep of Investment Property
We know that a investment property means regular income, capital gain potential and future financial security. We ensure the property is always kept in a clean and well maintained condition by conducting regular and detailed inspections. If something is not good enough, we ask the tenants to fix it within 7 days and we will return to inspect as many times as necessary until we are satisfied with the result. We also make recommendations in our routine inspection reports about any upcoming maintenance or fixture replacements that we consider necessary and assist our clients to budget for future costs. After all, well maintained properties achieve better rental incomes, attract better tenants and will sell for more.

9. Monthly information sessions empower our clients
We provide a monthly newsletter to keep our clients up to date with market trends and changes in legislation. We are committed to educating our clients in all aspects of property management. Each month, we will talk about a section of legislation governing property management so that our clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities, the tenant’s rights and responsibilities and most importantly, what our clients should expect of their property manager. We also update our clients on what is happening in your building through our monthly newsletter.

10. Always Act in Accordance with Legislation
We help our clients minimise the risk of non-compliance or legal action against them by always acting in accordance with the relevant legislation and adopting industry best practice. We keep comprehensive file notes on all communication.

11. Save Time and Effort
Our Letting process is thorough and detailed. We will personally interview prospective tenants, plus we will always personally show the tenant through your apartment and will never just hand over keys for an inspection.

Marketing Plan

Comprehensive advertising for rentals = lower vacancy rate

We aim for minimum vacancy periods for our landlords. As investors ourselves, we understand even one week of your unit being vacant can adversely affect cash flow.

We advertise rental vacancies on more sites than most, including:



Simon and I have owned an investment unit in Amity for around 4 years now, and have gone through a number of Property Managers in that time. Jackie is incredible – she’s so much better than the other Property Managers. If Jackie says she’s going to do something, she’ll do it. She’s professional, approachable and friendly. We can always get hold of Jackie, and if she’s not available at the time, she calls back straight away. It makes such a difference.

We went through an uncomfortable experience with one of the other Property Managers. The way they approached the issue wasn’t quite ethical ...they acted out of their own interests rather than the interests of ourselves and our tenant. With Jackie, that just wouldn’t happen. You know things are done properly. She understands all the legal requirements, and ensures everything possible is done to look after the investment owners – and the tenants.

Jackie is great...We’ve been so happy with the way our investment unit has been managed

—Simon Collins / NSW

I've owned an investment unit since 2003 and have been through a few property managers. Jackie is professional, thorough and prompt. She has clarity in her dealings with me which gives me confidence that Jackie is organised and has everything covered. I never get the sense that Jackie hasn't got a handle on things.

Jackie follows through and does what she says she's going to do. In fact, most of the time, it's her chasing me rather than the other way around. If Jackie needs something from me, she’ll persist - she won't just put me in the too hard basket. She really does provide a level of service that's above and beyond what you'd expect from a property manager. What I find surprising is that I've only got one apartment - Jackie looks after me as if I was a far larger investor. I'm really impressed with her property management service

—Peter Dobner / QLD

I’m a Real Estate agent who employs 5 Property Managers, so I have a good feel for the industry. I’m a little more critical than most because I know what to look for. All I can say is, if Jackie wanted a position with me, there’d be no need for an interview. Quite simply, she exceeds my expectations.

The relationship between a landlord and their property manager is one based on trust. I live interstate, so I have to feel I can trust Jackie to look after my apartment, our tenant and the building in general. Jackie provides more than the stock standard property management service...she looks after my apartment as if it was her own. She’s my eyes while I’m not there. In her work, she exhibits a level of ownership that’s rare in the industry. She’s an exceptional listener, a great communicator and takes the time to understand our needs. Jackie is never too busy to take a call and she invests in our relationship as well. I was in Brisbane recently, and Jackie made time to meet me, jus

—Max De Boo / WA
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