Jane Castledine, Brighton, 3186

Jane Castledine

Business Development Manager

Nick Johnstone Real Estate, Brighton, 3186

Nick Johnstone Real Estate

117/3 Male Street, Brighton, Victoria 3186
Agency Overview
Whether you are a first time investor, multiple owner or you are considering letting out your family home, making the right choice in Property Manager will make a world of difference. Agencies might all sound the same however the larger agencies and the property management only agencies cannot afford to run our service model. Their overheads won't allow for the smaller capped portfolio which we can offer our landlords.The Nick Johnstone personal agent approach provides better leasing results .
Marketing Plan
Our marketing strategy is developed for your property by our business development manager. With years of marketing and leasing experience our approach is tailored to suit each property we are leasing. We have an extensive customer database of potential tenants and our advertising strategic relationships guarantee effective advertising where it matters:i f you want leasing results choose Nick Johnstone Property Management
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