Jeff Wright, Scarborough, 6019

Jeff Wright


Wright Real Estate, Scarborough, 6019

Wright Real Estate

7 Doric Street, Scarborough
Western Australia 6019
Agency overview

So what makes one real estate agency different to another?
We believe it is a number of factors and it was those factors that drove founder, Jeff Wright to create what Perth coastal real estate has been lacking.
Wright Real Estate has been an active agency in the local and surrounding areas for over 25 years and our office is conveniently located on Doric Street in south Scarborough, and so close to Wembley Downs, Doubleview and other coastal suburbs...from City Beach to Triggs Beach.
All staff must be fully qualified, and act in its clients interest always. Full integrity is a must, together with working under all our statute rules.
WE have also dealt with many sub division development blocks, from duplex, triplex and larger complexes of units.

Area specialists
Our representatives don’t just work in the area, most actually live in the area so they are selling or leasing property in an area which they themselves know and love. We have developed a reputation for having an understanding of Perth coastal real estate which is second to none. It’s a specialised area and we are proud to say we know it extremely well.

An experienced, hungry team, independent from franchise red tape, proactive marketing programs and tools, knowledge, understanding and a commitment to service levels will deliver your sole objective…. RESULTS.

Marketing Plan

Our strategy is to develop a strong working relationship with our vendors to ultimately achieve the best results and a premium price for your property.
A marketing plan can be customised for your property after consultation with yourself, but some of the items included in the marketing plan are:

1. Signage on the property....of high quality.
2. Specific property brochures professionally produced, with excellent pro photographers.
3. Online national advertising via the website
3. Online promotion via the website
5. Online promotion via the website
6. Online promotion via the website
7. Classified advertising – West Australian, Sunday Times, Community newspapers (eg: Stirling Times), if and when required.
8. Regular Home opens on the weekends and mid week.
9. Direct Mail to existing Wright Real Estate buyers on our database...a very comprehensive number of registered buyers indeed.
10. Letterbox drop to targeted area residents
11. Wright Real Estate window display advertising from our busy central office, with full parking.
12. Editorials in relevant identified media
13. Leverage within the Wright sales team base in both our Scarborough and Doubleview offices.
14. Email to buyers database

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my proposal via phone, email or face-to-face, so we can work on a selling strategy and marketing plan together, that is applicable to your property. I can also guide you through the process to ensure the process is trouble free and ensure you get the best possible sale price. We would like to cover all scenarios and methods for you, as their are varying marketing plans available. Not all thede are popular with certain buyers, so please let us present all to you.

Thank you for considering my proposal.

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