Joanna Day, Birkdale, 4159

Joanna Day


Open Property Management - Birkdale, Birkdale, 4159

Open Property Management - Birkdale

4 Clive Road, Birkdale
Queensland 4159
Agency overview

Open Property is owned and managed by Joanna Day who has 15 years experience in Property Management. Joanna started Open Property with the goal of creating a model for Independent Real Estate Agents to follow. It is a core belief of Joannas that when Real Estate Agents have accountability and are rewarded properly for the work they do, clients/ landlords experience better performance from their sales/investments.

Communication is Open Properties priority. Joanna answers all emails within 24 hours and answers all calls personally.

Joanna has a Degree in Business Management Real Estate Development and a Diploma in Paralegal Studies. Joanna's last place of employment was with the US Government in Sydney securing and managing all their property needs.

Marketing Plan

The main emphasis for selling is on communication. I let people in the general area know about the property as soon as its listed. I recommend the property is advertised online both on and I also list the property on my facebook page. Signage is important and I offer both a standard sign (at no cost) or a sign which is designed for the property itself with photos etc. I let all my investors know about the property and I also jump on any communication from prospective buyers and advise them of upcoming open homes and also make myself available for people outside of hours whom may not be able to attend the the open for inspection times (shift workers and the like). I follow every enquiry up until it reaches a dead end and keep the seller regularly updated throughout the entire process.


Joanna has significantly improved the quality of the Consulate Sydney's housing program and the smooth functioning of the Management team in general. Joanna starts work at 7.30am and before most of the office arrives she has already reached out to agents to follow up on ongoing issues and to report any new problems. Jo manages to do this whilst maintaining a very positive relationship with agents and landlords. She understands the importance of building long - term trust and how important that is to getting the results that we need.

—James Ball / US Consulate Sydney
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