John Higginson, Adelaide, 5000

John Higginson

Property Manager

KingsCoin, Adelaide, 5000


231 Rundle Street, Adelaide
South Australia 5000
Agency overview

KingsCoin offer clients the ability to manage and also to build their rental portfolio.

The agency is owned by John Higginson, who has over 25 years experience. As an investor John understands the importance of having capable and skilled people managing your property. Our Property Management division was established as a core part of the KingsCoin business, which revolves around helping investors. John established KingsCoin to help smaller investors get involved in larger developments so that they can live a financially stress fresh lifestyle. As KingsCoin develop property we also offer the opportunity to purchase within our developments at wholesale prices to our investors.

Our Values

Relationship Focused - Creating and maintaining open and trustworthy relationships with our clients, partners, staff, suppliers, investors and local community, 'our friends', is top of mind at all times. We aim to build the relationship over the long term, getting to know our friends and understanding their needs and requirements. However it must be a 'win-win' situation, we will not tolerate people who disrespect us, while we also maintain the emotional intelligence to resolve any issue. KingsCoin have a strong commitment to everyone's health and safety. We work hard to maintain incident & injury-free worksites - from the stress and fatigue experienced by management and investors, to the on-site safety of the construction worker.

Honesty - We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and honesty, and having the courage to tell it as it is. Taking responsibility for our actions, if we stuff up, we'll own up and fix it. Being transparent in our actions, so everyone understands the situation, the ramifications and who is making what. We maintain confidentiality and trust. Our word is our bond.

We're Champions - We understand the hard work and sacrifice it takes to be great. We are prepared to put in the hard yards, the 10,000 hours, to achieve our personal and business goals and to help our friends achieve their goals. Our logo is a square peg in a round hole, we push to overcome the challenges and make that peg fit. We strive for freedom in our lives, whatever that means for each of us. Financial freedom gives us the choice to do so many other things and live the life we want. We work hard, we share the rewards and the failures. Failure is part of success and teaches us to grow. KingsCoin aim to make people's lives better and support our friends on the journey.

Marketing Plan

Rule No. 1 . If the property is vacant nobody is making money.

We manage the vacancy rates to keep them to a minimum. We will advise you after each open inspection on the feedback from tenants and adjust our marketing strategy as required.

Rule No. 2. A great tenant makes everyones job easy.

Thinking longer term is key, get the best tenant who pays the rent on time, looks after the property and wants to stay longer than 12 months. This maximises the return for the landlord and also minimises the management for us, the best possible outcome. It's not about taking anyone with a pulse just to get the rental.

Rule No. 3. Under promise and over deliver.

Keeping in contact with everyone, answering our calls and emails, getting quotes for trades promptly and basically doing what we are paid to do.. works wonders for everyone. Surprise, surprise.

Rule No. 4. Be honest with everyone.

Sometimes we have to tell you something that you don't want to hear, so we treat it like a band aid and rip it off quickly. Being prompt and being honest helps fix any problem quickly and stops it escalating. And that also applies if we stuff it up, we'll admit it, fix it and apologise. (Doesn't happen often..)

Rule No. 5. Computers are quicker and faster than we are.

We constantly strive to have the best technology which ensure the best service to both the landlord and the tenant. It also makes our job easier as we become more efficient and able to provide a better service.


We advertise on Realestate, Domain, Gumtree , Adelaide BBS & WeChat ( Chinese society website) and our own database.

We take quality photos of the property, sometimes using Photoshop style techniques to make it look great.

Open Inspections are held twice weekly to get the property rented as soon as possible.

You are fully informed all the way through the process and get the final say in all decisions.

Tenants are fully checked both from employers and landlord references, as well as social media and internet searches.

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