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Harcourts Pinnacle - Aspley

9/1344 Gympie Road Street, Aspley, Queensland 4034
Agency Overview
At Harcourts Pinnacle, our sales and rental teams are here to help you achieve your property goals and dreams. We know that selling or renting your home is a major event and can be stressful. Therefore, choosing the right agent is very important and can make all the difference. Our consultants strive to achieve the best possible results for you, our client, with a minimum of stress and a professional attitude.

At Harcourts Pinnacle, our professional team are trained in all forms of marketing including:
House and Townhouse Sales
Luxury Home Sales
Development Site Sales
Off The Plan Sales
Residential Leasing and Property Management
In-House Mortgage and Financial Services through Asset Home Loans
NAI Harcourts Commercial Sales and Leasing
NAI Harcourts Commercial Property Management
Property Conveyancing through Conveyancing Home QLD

If you are considering selling or renting out your home or investment, we provide a no obligation, no cost consultation. Our team of professionals at Harcourts Pinnacle will be more than happy to provide you with all the information that you require. We are always only a phone call away.)
Marketing Plan
What we find is that the Offers Above strategy (which we employ for 95% of properties we list and sell) has the best outcome as it creates competition in Buyers with the aim to create a multiple offer situation and premium price for you. We are not saying your property is only worth $439,000 – or that you should take that amount – not in the slightest - but we can assure you that by using the price strategy of Offers Above we will get more buyers through the property.

As I’m sure you can imagine, having 15 or 20 Buyers in a house at the first open home, resulting in 6 offers (of which none of the Buyers know what any of the offers are which forces them to make their very best offer first for fear of missing out) has a much higher likelihood for a top price than listing the property at the higher end of the market and therefore missing out on the multiple offer scenario.

As we are experiencing such a good market, our team has sold over 100 properties in the past 18 months using this exact method. The Offers Above approach to pricing allows us to not have a ceiling on the final price in the situation where you have more than 1 group wanting to make an offer on the property. But by having OFFERS ABOVE a price, note that the price inserted has to be what the property is worth base on past sales as that is the way to ensure that it is a reasonable price on the marketing that buyers shows up.

The biggest issue that most agents and owners make is overpricing – in this instance the number of visitors is low (or none in some cases) and over time the owners make price drops and the property finally sells at a price much lower than what they would have got if they priced strategically from Day 1 where it would have most likely sold at the first open home. We have hit more street and estate records all over the Northside from this approach - from Aspley to Carseldine, Nudgee, Banyo, Everton Park, Fitzgibbon, Bray Park, Warner and plenty more.

It is important to know that longer time on the market does not equals to a higher price; in fact it is actually the other way around - offers at the first open home are normally the highest offer.

Here are a few example of recent sales that have supported our strategy:

1. 75 Odense Street, Fitzgibbon – 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, low-set brick on 450sqm. We listed this property at Offers Above $489,000 as all recent past sales in that estate have sold in the range of $490,000 - $500,000. We SOLD it at the first open home for $510,000 with 29 groups through 5 offers made after the open home. Of these 5 offers, 4 offers were under $490,000

2. 14 Tutoko Court Aspley - 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car, two-storey home with pool on a large block – this home was like a fairy tale home and had manicured gardens all round. Very little to compare to as not many sales had happened in the street. Priced this property at Offers above $699,000 – 28 groups through, 7 offers and a sale price after the first open home at $750,000

3. 8 Tutoko Court, Aspley – We priced this property at Aspley – Following the back of 8 Tutoko’s sale, we then listed this property across the cul-de-sac. Again, 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car with pool but low-set, priced at offers above $649,000, had 22 groups at first open home with 6 offers and a Sale price of $680,000

4. 50 Patrea Street, Banyo – Fairly Basic low set brick home 4 bed, 1 bath, 2 car most comparable sales were between $400,000 - $410,000. The Sellers had the property professionally styled as per our recommendation as it was vacant. We listed at Offers Above $399,000, had 35 groups at the first open home, 7 offers and Sold at $425,000.

5. 9 Kempsey Close, Fitzgibbon, 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car low set home. We priced at offers above $489,000 we had 27 groups through, 4 offers and sold at $503,000 at the first open home.

6. 24 Somers Street, Nudgee – One of our most amazing success stories yet – very basic post war home on 810m2 (on 2 lots). The old lady had lived in this property for 50 years and hadn’t really made any improvements since then (ie. the property was land value only). 6 months prior, exactly the same sized blocks, also on 2 lots Sold for $530,000. With this in mind, we listed the property at Offers above $549,000 – 38 groups through – 5 offers later and we had a sale in the first weekend at a gobsmacking $598,000 (the next highest offer was $555,000 and remarkable the winning Buyer had originally made an offer prior to the open home at $550,000 – he then came up $48,000 on his own offer – just due to the multiple offer situation!!)

7. 10 Maclean Close, Fitzgibbon (Sold last Saturday) – 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, low-set brick on 450sqm with a Spa. We listed this property once again at Offers Above $489,000 and had 6 offers after the first open home – the property SOLD for a street record of $515,000

8. 16/5 Hibiscus Circuit, Fitzgibbon (Also sold Last Saturday) – Townhouse 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car – previous sale of comparable townhouse was $358,000. We sold it at the second open home with multiple offers at $375,000. This is now a record for the complex.)

we bought our new Aspley home from Johnny Lin and coudnt be happier. He helped us negotiate a great deal, while also looking after his client. I have recommended Johnny to my own mother and gladly do the same to anyone buying/selling in his area. Thank You Johnny .. dan and Louse Robertson

Daniel And Louise Robertson / 32 August Street Aspley

Thank for going out of your way Johnny. It was great dealing with you. We appreciated Johnny positive and can do approach to everythign relating to the sale of the home. Nothing was a problem. Thanks Johnny and the Team at Harcourts Pinnacle

Nigel And Lisa / 21 Caribou Cr, Fitzgibbon

It has been a great experience for us from the time of initial house inspection until the settlement day. Johnny's professional approach and attention to detail has made our decision making much easier. His responses via email or telephone were always prompt and the overall customer service truly outstanding. Thank you Johnny and the Team. Rado and Hana

Rado And Hana / 15 Mcubbins Street Everton Park
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