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Joseph Almasi


Infiniti Property , Wetherill Park, 2164

Infiniti Property

6A/1345 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park, New South Wales 2164
Agency Overview
Conceived in approximately 2009 and formally registered in late 2013, Infiniti Property was developed to be the changing face of the real estate industry, changing the way properties are marketed and setting a benchmark in the real estate agency. Infiniti Property's idea as a company was to offer the market something different that no other agency was able to offer and this became the driving force that separated Infiniti Property from the rest of the agents in the industry. As we developed as a company, so did our marketing campaigns, we listened to vendors and buyers and simply gave them what they asked for. This in turn not only made our clients and customers happy, it also made our job easier as our marketing campaigns answered most of the questions buyers would normally ask and hence would normally pre-qualify our buyers. We would then be receiving enquiries from pre-qualified buyers looking to purchase properties from us. So it was a win/win situation. We implement the most unique marketing campaigns, which in turn separates our advertising from the competition, which in turn satisfied our vendors and lastly pre-qualifies our buyers with all the information they need so when they make their initial enquiries about their prospective homes, all we'd have to do is get them to sign a contract. This is something that developed over the years and Infiniti Property are constantly developing their approach in all aspects of the business model both professionally and personally.
Marketing Plan
Infiniti Property strives to implement the most unique marketing campaigns in the industry. Infiniti Property is pushing the envelope in all aspects of its business and setting a benchmark in the industry as a company that is changing the face of the industry forever. With premium features and benefits unique to Infiniti Property, you can be rest assured that your most prized asset is properly marketed and that you the client are receiving the added value and service you deserve.

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