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Kelly Rowling, Mooloolaba, 4557

Kelly Rowling

Sales Consultant

Blue Moon Property, Mooloolaba, 4557

Blue Moon Property

Suite 4/121 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, Queensland 4557
Agency Overview
Our office is a small office achieving big results. Our people are ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. In boxing terms you could conclude that we are punching above our weight.
How can we claim to be the market leader in real estate on the Sunshine Coast when we know that the highest selling real estate business locally sells over $150 million in real estate every year?
How can we claim to be the market leaders when we will only sell one quarter of this much property? The answer is simple! We don’t claim to be the market leaders. We will never under promise and under deliver.
You won’t hear us claim to be the best and you will never here us say that nobody does it better than us because probably someone does. But you will hear us say that nobody cares more about your personal situation and nobody cares more about your personal outcome than us. We don’t claim to be the best, the biggest or to have all of the bells and whistles of the big boys but we do claim that we will always put your best interests first.
Our motto of “Fall down seven times……………….stand up eight” is a shared motto through out our office. All of our staff have experienced tough times in their lives and they have all come out on the other side as better people. All of our staff have experienced failure, success, disappointment, elation, tragedy, triumph, financial loss, a capital gain and we know how to hang on and work through these situations. Every time we come across a road block we find a way around it. If we fall down seven times, we will stand up eight times.
In business terms we are supposed to offer four basic services to our customers.
1. Sell your home for you (This is called a listing),
2. Sell you a home that you are looking for (This is called working with a buyer),
3. Rent your home for you (This is called managing your investment property)
4. Rent you a home that you are looking for (This is called working with a tenant).
We reckon that is all a load of jargon. We have summarised our role into one simple task. We will listen to what it is you require and we will work until we have achieved your outcome for you. We will apply our motto to every situation so that you can be confident we will continue to hold your best interests as our number one priority. Whatever it is that you are looking for please give us the opportunity. Tell us what you require and allow our hardworking ordinary everyday people to work with you.
All it takes is one phone call to experience the feeling that you are really been taken care of. Our area of trade provides sales and rental properties from Caloundra through to Noosa. We welcome your enquiry.
Marketing Plan
Advertising your home for sale is so important. These days 90% of buyers head online to find their new home. Therefore, this along with other digital marketing avenues are key with regards to my marketing plan.
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