Larry Clifford, Springfield Lakes, 4300

Larry Clifford

Sales Manager

The Local Agents- Springfield Lakes, Springfield Lakes, 4300

The Local Agents- Springfield Lakes

4 Aspect Terrace, Springfield Lakes
Queensland 4300
Agency overview

We have assembled a team of the most professional and successful Sales agents in the business. With a single focus to create the very best real estate agency in the industry. We have selected agents based on their experience, motivation and energy to provide the highest levels of service to our clients. We have also gone to great lengths to design, develop and implement systems that really work, placing an emphasis on great customer service. So what do The Local Agents bring to the table? We have designed and implemented The Sliding Fee Scale, which is exclusive to The Local Agents. Why you ask? Why should property owners pay full agent fees for the sale of a property when the property sells fast? It just doesn't make sense so we have designed The Sliding Fee Scale where we use the latest systems and the best marketing to achieve a quick sale at a premium price, using a full agent's service whilst saving our clients thousands of dollars in agent's commission when they sell. We also work with our clients to design the best and most cost-effective marketing package designed to achieve a premium price for them.

Marketing Plan

When it comes to marketing you need an agent with excellent skills as the only way you can guarantee a premium price for your property is is by exposing it in the best possible manner to the broad spectrum of potential buyers. I always say there are three things we don't know.... I don't know....You don't know.... And no other agent knows:

1. Who the Buyer/s are for your property;
2. Where the Buyers are; and
3. How much will they pay for your property?

This is why Sellers need an agent with great expertise in marketing. My recommendation is:

1. Take the time to prepare your home for sale as presentation is the key to a great price;
2. Identify the most likely Buyer (target market for your property); and
3. A well-balanced and considered approach to the best marketing media that will achieve the maximum enquiry in the fastest time possible.

I will take the time to discuss your plans and your wants and needs before designing the most effective marketing plan for you. It may well be we select an option for a Quiet Sale without the need for mainstream marketing at all, a popular and effective selling method we have developed over time. One thing for certain we will design the best possible plan to suit your circumstances.

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