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Market Share Property

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Agency overview

MARKET SHARE PROPERTY was created after 20 years spent working in an antiquated Real Estate system based on greed and deceit.
Real Estate Agents, in general, are reluctant to spend their own money on advertising and promotion and tend to manipulate their clients towards a sale. The now common term used by Real Estate Agents and their suppliers is V.P.A. (Vendor Paid Advertising) and Agents are encouraged, and sometimes rewarded, for obtaining the most amounts from Vendors.

We, on the other hand, prefer to work with our clients towards a successful marketing campaign with a win, win result.
Our advertising campaigns are tailored to suit our client at a cost to benefit our client.
We have statistical proof that larger Internet advertisements do not attract any more buyers than smaller cheaper adverts with quality photos and catchy script, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.
The same with local newspaper advertising which works to assist the Agent to gain their next listing…around 95+% of all enquiries come from the Internet today as apposed to 15 years ago when only 10-15% of all enquiries came from the Internet.
We use the Internet to steer buyers to our client’s property and make sure our advertising is of the best quality. To date this has been very successful with both happy buyers (future sellers) and very happy Sellers, who in turn will be one of our greatest assets toward future business.

We work for you and you are our FIRST PRIORITY!

We are a team of people that work very hard to give old-fashioned Customer Service through regular communication, honesty, integrity and innovation.
Your property will be priced correctly based on known comparable local market results and marketed to reach the maximum possible buyers and therefore achieve the best possible price for our Vendors.

To reconfirm our main points of difference as a Real Estate Agent:
• We only use advertising that will benefit you.
• We use your money to market your home and our money to market our company, we don’t think you should do both.
• We promise straight forward, no nonsense communication.
• We are experienced and very good at what we do.
• We are innovative in delivering better and more cost effective outcomes. It is not about spending a small fortune, but more about being smart about where you spend your money.
• We are changing the direction of Real Estate and our efforts have already been recognised as a finalist in the 2014 REIV Awards, a WINNER in the 2016 REIV Awards and a Top 3 finalist in the A.R.E.A 2016 National Excellence Awards.
Now we want you to benefit from our cutting edge strategies.

Marketing Plan

Choosing the most appropriate method of sale and having a well planned and implemented marketing campaign can significantly affect the final selling price of the property and these are crucial elements in the selling process.

The various methods that MARKET SHARE Property offers include:

➢ Sale by Market Buy – This is a new online offer system that allows multiple buyers to make offers online. It is NOT an AUCTION but an open and transparent way of selling with excellent results to date. Like a Tender it has a start date/time and once offers start each participant has between 20-30 minutes between offers to think, and once the Vendors acceptable price has been reached it continues until no more offers come in. Simple, Easy, Transparent and very effective.

➢ Auction - Where all interested buyers attend the auction on a set day and time, usually after a 4 week advertising campaign, and compete for your property.

➢ Sale by Negotiation – Your property is advertised at an asking price usually a range or “Plus” price. Interested buyers generally make an offer within this range and the Agent attempts to negotiate an acceptable sale price with the Buyer and Vendor. Sometimes we may receive multiple offers in which case the Buyers are advised to make their best offer, as they will have only one shot at the property. All offers are then presented to the Vendor to select an acceptable offer.

➢ Sale by Tender - The Tender Date is like a private auction. Buyers are invited to inspect your property during the marketing period and all interested Buyers then submit their best offer to buy your property on a determined Date. You can then sit down on that date and carefully consider the merits of all offers without the pressure that is often experienced at a public auction.

Ultimately, it is your decision on what method of sale you would like us to use to market and sell your property and we discus in more detail with you what the best options are that suit your property. If we have multiple interested Buyers then we can switch to Sale by Market Buy or Sale by Tender, if you the Vendor agrees.

Marketing Recommendations

We believe in Target Marketing and only spending your money where it will have the best result for you. Most Agents will want you to have larger advertisements on the Internet and include local newspaper advertising but we believe this only benefits the Agent and has no benefit in generating any more interest in the property.

Internet advertising

All our Internet advertising is displayed on: • www.realestate.com.au • www.domain.com.au • www.realestateview.com.au
We are constantly examining the best ways to promote your property to achieve the best results. We recently negotiated a great deal with www.realestate.com.au using “Premier” advertising and have found that the Buyer response has increased with “Premier”. We do not feel we would get the same response by increasing the size with any other internet advertising groups so we keep them as basic advertisments.
As www.realestate.com.au is the major player in Real Estate advertising we would rather do the best advertising through them but still maintain a presence with the other online Real Estate portals.

Newspaper Advertising
The same can be said about Local Newspaper advertising, it is great for increasing the Real Estate Agents own visibility but has no statistical evidence to prove that it benefits the Sale process for the individual property.
Around 15 years ago around 12% of Buyer enquiries came from the Internet and 50% or more Buyer enquiries came from Local Newspaper advertising. Today around 98% of all Buyer enquiries come from the Internet leaving only 2% of Buyer enquiries from Newspapers and other enquiries, so who benefits from Newspapers, the Real Estate Agent, NOT the Vendors anymore.


Eye-catching photography is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing campaign. Whether internal or external, daylight or twilight, our professional photographers will capture the image that makes your property stand out from the rest.

Some of the keenest buyers often develop their initial interest in properties from the “For Sale” boards. Our boards come in various styles and we will help you to choose the best board for your property. From plain boards through to our unique picture board with a built in solar panel that illuminates a section of the board for a few hours at night.
They are designed to attract attention to your property and generate more interest.

A professionally produced full colour brochure highlighting your homes main features will be distributed at open for inspections and placed on display in our office. In addition we have a floor plan produced of your property and printed on the rear of the brochure.

Property Styling
Your potential buyer will make a decision to attend an open for inspection after first viewing on the internet. It is imperative that the images are staged to ensure they show your home in its best light, feeling warm and livable and emphasising the benefits of securing your home over others in competition.

The styling of your property can be achieved by utilising existing furniture pieces, antiques, artwork and rugs etc. positioning them with a keen eye for placement and photography to ensure all the elements required for a ‘magazine ready’ photo shoot are in place.

Enhancing all the positives and minimising the negatives of any property will give the buyers an intellectual reason to proceed with the purchase in addition to the emotive.

A recommended company to use: www.move-by-design.com.au

Agents Commission
MARKET SHARE Property charges 2% +GST for the majority of our listings however we are open to discussion subject to property values.
We believe that we work very hard to achieve, and even better, the goals set by our Vendors.
As a general guide the Real Estate Agents in the Outer Eastern region, on average, charge between 1.8% - 2.5% +GST of the sale price of the property.

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