Len Lengyel, Torquay, 3228

Len Lengyel

Sales Consultant

Fruit Property - Geelong, Torquay, 3228

Fruit Property - Geelong

210 Fischer Street, Torquay, Victoria 3228
Agency Overview
More than just a pretty brand, we believe that organisations should have a heart and a reason for existing beyond just the financial equations. Fruit was founded on my adopted life philosophy that “I'll get everything I want in life, if I'll just help enough other people get what they want” - borrowed from Zig Ziglar this is not idealism, it has been a corner stone in the development of our Values Aligned Organisation* model of developing a strong culture, identifying our values and empowering all our staff to explore the elements in life and business that enhance their experiences and provide meaning and motivation for individual roles.

As an outcome of this conversation we have built a culture of authenticity and contribution, with a real 'walk the talk' flavour and identified a shared values base that supports a terrific experience for our clients.

Growth through innovation Transforming big picture ideas and images into concrete form in order to creatively enable an organisation to change and grow.

Success assured To achieve financial success for all involved through the effective and efficient control and management of resources and the continual use of new systems, thinking & latest technology to create new patterns & structures in organisations,

Giving not taking To actively listen and accurately hear and sense another's thoughts and feelings. To freely express our own thoughts and feelings and to authentically relate with others in such a way that they feel understood. “The consistent pursuit of improvement in people, procedures and systems through growth and innovation”

For us it's the science behind likeminded people, our clients feel more engaged and valued because our staff have clarity on their purpose and a greater sense of engagement with the company and from a corporate perspective we are assured that wherever you live you'll get the very best experience we can deliver.
Marketing Plan
Fruit is a fresh approach to real estate. Our vision is to generate the highest levels of satisfaction in selling your property. We provide you with a fresh, innovative approach to advertising with eye-catching signs and banners, and newspaper advertising that really showcases your home.
We offer you national and international marketing of your home at fruitproperty.com and through our association with Australia’s largest websites - realestate.com.au and domain.com.au
We also offer you Fruit Polish – original advice on creative ways of presenting your home to ensure it makes the very best impression on prospective buyers.
But most importantly, we provide you with a fresh level of service. That’s Fruit. Fresh commitments to helping you have what you want when you sell your home
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