Liam MacGinley, South Brisbane, 4101

Liam MacGinley

Sales Manager

Aurora Estate Agents - South Brisbane, South Brisbane, 4101

Aurora Estate Agents - South Brisbane

260 Vulture Street, South Brisbane
Queensland 4101
Agency overview

Began as a Real Estate Sales agent in 2009 – during the Global Financial Crisis. I had to cut my teeth on selling real estate in a buyers’ market with very little buyers and many sellers. I had unprecedented success delivering unique strategies to market, advertise, list and sell properties that are exceptionally effective. My introduction to the real estate industry in the tough economic climate has allowed me to continue refining those strategies further to achieve many record setting prices in building complexes and streets while delivering a consultative service tailored to each individual property and client.

Aurora Real Estate Agents is a boutique Agency specialising in the sale of apartments in the inner-city of Brisbane. Our boutique agency offers flexibility in strategies and marketing along with a dedicated single agent that will remain in consistent contact with the sellers throughout the campaign.

Our agencies large database of investor buyers locally, interstate and internationally (especially in China) due to large Management Rights portfolio – managing over 3000 investment properties. These owner-investors are regularly contacted directly regarding new investment opportunities through phone calls, e-mails and the post to maintain a large amount of buyers we already have long-standing, trusting relationships because we manage their high-yielding problem-free properties currently.

Marketing Plan

Unique selling approach – targets online buyers to draw the largest enquiry the most efficient and cost-effective way through an online campaign;, & dedicated property website (discussed below) in addition to a print media campaign; Buyer Booklets with detailed property research and information, direct letters to owners in the complex and in the surrounding area and invitations to Open for Inspections.

Pro-active service – seeking detailed feedback from buyer enquiry by skilfully acquiring detailed information from buyers, recording and then collating trends which assist in adjusting marketing or advertising swiftly in order to generate the best outcome. This allows me to adjust advertising or marketing to further highlight benefits/information etc. (as opposed to re-active service where other agents may wait until after 4-6 weeks when the property may have become stale, while generating low enquiry before making adjustments).
Property Positioning – positioning the property through marketing & advertising to achieve an ideal negotiating foundation for the seller/agent to position the buyers to purchase for an above market price through competition, scarcity, transparency, rich information etc.

Excellent Results in Ideal Time Frame – 70% of listings are sold within the first 14 days of listing online, while 90% are sold within the first 4 weeks of online advertising.

Written Pricing Strategy – A pro-active marketing strategy with the following benefits:
a. Generate the highest amount of enquiry through buyer searches of online portals such as Real &
b. Allows the price the sellers wish to achieve remain private between the agent and the seller, thereby encouraging buyers to offer the maximum price they can afford rather than the minimum price they think the seller will accept (as opposed buyers receiving strong price indicators of the when advertised for a flat price thereby revealing the sellers price goal).
c. A clear, transparent and consistent strategy that is agreed to upfront that factors potential market contingencies of buyer and market response throughout the sales campaign.

Tailor made property website – independent of our agency with dedicated property domain name (e.g.
Advertising the property with a specially created website generates 30% more overall enquiry for the sales campaign.
Allows a greater amount of information to be included such as; 3D 360 degree virtual property inspections with password for interstate or overseas buyers, buyers click away from and other competing properties, ease of viewing the advertising when the domain is listed on the brochure or property sign (buyers will not have to clumsily search through, downloadable online buyer booklet, view property documents/contracts, contain more information about the building/complex or house etc.

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