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Lisa Davis

Sales Executive

PEB Real Estate, Inglewood, 6052

PEB Real Estate

28B Sexton Road, Inglewood, Western Australia 6052
Agency Overview
When it comes time to selling your home, you want the right person on your side; someone who has your best interests at heart; who will work tirelessly to get the best outcome possible. Someone with the expertise, the knowledge and the resources to explain and assist you through each stage of the sales process, ensuring it’s as seamless and stress-free as possible.

The experienced Real Estate team at PEB Real Estate is committed to providing professional, individual service.

We can help you with:

A free market appraisal
Getting the price right within the current market
Creating a personalised sales strategy and marketing campaign
Helping to prepare and present your home for sale
Conducting inspections/home opens
Smooth transition from offer acceptance, finance approval and successful settlement
Marketing Plan
There are four things you must get right the first time:
1. Marketing
2. Pricing
3. Presentation
4. Negotiating an offer
So what is the best way to make sure these are done right the first time?

Number one is the most important and that’s your marketing. Without it, how do people know that your property is for sale?
As with all marketing, the more you spend, the more people it will reach but there’s not many people that can afford to get their property in every newspaper, on every internet site and in every letterbox?
So how do you get this right without spending thousands?
This is where an experienced Real Estate agent can help. They will guide you through the options and come up with a plan to reach the most amount of people within your budget.

The next step in the marketing process is to stand out from the rest with great images.
Getting a professional photographer will take care of most of this but there are a few things that need to happen before they arrive to ensure you get those great shots; Cleaning floors, wall cupboard doors, mirrors and windows goes without saying but what about the little things that no one notices until you see the photos? Here are our tips...

Open the blinds to bring light inside
Turn on all lights including range hood and floor lamps
Hide remotes and power cords
Roll up floor mats if they close the room in
Hide bins and anything on counters
Remove towels (unless they add to your look), fridge magnets, shopping lists, laundry baskets etc
Clean up anything on the floor including what’s under the beds

Remove vehicles from camera view
Hide rubbish bins
Neatly place outdoor furniture and play equipment
Roll up the garden hose, or even better put it in the shed
Remove clutter such as pet bowl, baskets, pool equipment and children’s toys
Clean pool, mow lawns, weed the garden and sweep
Put away the washing

It’s important to assess your property against the current market. This can change from one month to the next and an agent that is on the pulse will know the best price to go to the market to attract interest. Emotion will be at play here and our job is to present you with the facts in order to price at today’s market.

Get in your car and go for a drive around the block. When you come back, pretend you are arriving at your house for the very first time.
Before getting out of the car, write down little jobs you think could help the street appeal of your property.
Now do the same with each room inside, writing down anything that could improve the presentation, this could be:

Removing extra clutter such as excessive or oversized furniture
Patching chipped walls or cracked ceilings
Repairing fixtures such as doors, handles and hinges, dripping or leaking plumbing,
De-cluttering cupboards
Opening a the windows to freshen the air and bring in the natural light
Cleaning, cleaning cleaning. A home for sale can never be too clean
Invest in new bath towels that complement the house’s decor
Hide personal belongings to make it easier for an interested buyer to envisage the property as their own.

Now to add the finishing touches...
Turn on all the lights and open blinds
Let the fresh air in if it’s not too cold or if it’s cold, turn on the heating, everyone loves to enter a warm home
Buy some flowers to add a homely feel
Play soft music in the background
Get the pets out the house

The first offer on a property needs to be treated like it will be the last.
Time and effort needs to be spent negotiating every offer to ensure they are not lost on the thought that a better one will come along down the track.
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