Mark Bushell, Dee Why, 2099

Mark Bushell


LJ Hooker Dee Why, Dee Why, 2099

LJ Hooker Dee Why

671 Pittwater Road, Dee Why
New South Wales 2099
Agency overview

Passion, persistence, integrity, innovation, knowledge, team work

Today, LJ Hooker is one of the largest real estate agency franchise groups in Australasia with over 700 franchises and 8,000 staff.

We are proud of our history and proud to be THE number one real estate brand in Australia.

Our team at LJ Hooker Dee Why is highly regarded amongst our clients and customers for our professionalism and the results we deliver in our local marketplace.

LJ Hooker Dee Why prides itself on being driven to achieve success, but we're also a company of genuine, committed individuals who work together as one team to help you achieve your real estate dreams. Maintaining honesty, integrity and professionalism, we provide a level of service that is unmatched within the highly-competitive real estate marketplace.

Marketing Plan

In the current market we prefer to use the offer's over strategy. Buyers are given the opportunity to negotiate by commencing from the base price - advertised at a price "more than" and moving upwards through a competitive buyer environment. We find this method highly successful in the current market where demand has out stripped supply.


“We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for selling our house. We really appreciate all your hard work, commitment and dedication. We’re very happy with our selling price and being able to move into our new home and give the boys some more space (wherever that house may be!!)

Thank you again and we look forward to cracking open a bottle of
champagne on Saturday to celebrate!!!

Matt & Kim Holst

—Matt & Kim Holst / Dee Why

I first met Mark Bushell when my son and I started looking for a house in September 2007. I found Mark to be sincere and personally involved in a non-invasive approach to selling. He showed this trait by keeping us informed about houses that may be suitable for my son and I while Rhett Mullane was selling our flat in Westmister Avenue, Dee Why. I decided to sell the flat that I had bought in Kingsway Avenue, Dee Why in 2007 (another LJ
Hooker property) because I was very unhappy living here.
As I had bought the flat only a year earlier I was quite nervous about the sale so I needed to appoint someone who was experienced and I could trust to move things along smoothly. Mark is very calm under pressure, listens attentively and is well informed as to the value of properties in the area so I felt secure in his valuation and negotiations with the prospective buyers.
Mark was sympathetic to my needs and kept a positive spin to the transaction which to me was a plus.
Mark is a good person

—Astrid Rocca / Dee Why

After interviewing several agents, I chose Mark because he offered me a clear plan of when and how to sell, and what improvements were required to maximise the sale price. He considered my own requirements and responded with a clear strategy. Mark was consistently enthusiastic throughout the campaign.
What impressed me particularly was that Mark had the ability to listen well and provide very well considered advice.
While my house might have appeared to sell itself, the premium I got was a result of his superb marketing, to a group of very different buyers. It was Mark who instigated the improvement plan
which resulted in presenting the house for sale. He methodically worked with potential buyers and their offers and made me feel part of his sales team. His advice was key in the success of the sale. My conclusion: Mark loves his job, not just the commission at the end of the day. Not being a huge fan of the real estate business, I can certainly recommend Mark; a born sales person.

—Joyce Mckay / Cromer
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