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York Realty, Toowoomba, 4350

York Realty

346 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba
Queensland 4350
Agency overview

York Realty was established in April 2007 on the corner of West Street and Drayton Road, Harristown. As the sales team grew, we decided to find another small shop and establish a second office, as our success was due to our great reputation that was spreading in the area.
In 2011, a second location in Perth Street, Rangeville was opened as we worked as a team selling properties all across Toowoomba and surrounds from the 2 locations.

In late 2014 after concentrating solely on residential sales for 7 years, we opened a Property Management division with the intent of growing a rental office with the same great reputation for service and results as our sales division. Such is the service from our team, York Realty Rentals grew at a rate that needed us to again expand our premises.

Nine years after opening the well know “silver shop” on West Street with 2 salespeople, we’ve relocated to a much bigger office at 346 Ruthven Street; the shop many locals would remember as Dick Smith’s old store on the corner of Bowen Street, across from Rumours International – open 7 days a week.

Being a local, independent Real Estate office and not part of a multi-national franchise, York Realty’s success comes from the delighted clients you’ll find all across Toowoomba, we’ve never relied on huge branding and advertising like most offices.

Today, York Realty employs 9 fulltime salespeople and helps hundreds of delighted home sellers every year. In less than 2 years, we have more than 200 rental properties and continue to increase our share of the market as more and more sellers question the franchise offices who recommend they pay huge advertising to sell their home. Are you really paying to advertise to sell your home or their brand?

Are you thinking of selling? It can be hard to tell the difference between some of the big franchises but there is a standout independent office.

Marketing Plan

Advertising and marketing are often confused in the minds of both sellers and agents. Many people believe that advertising is marketing and without it the property will not be promoted and will not sell.

In fact, advertising and in particular print advertising, only plays a small part in the promotion of a property. The quality and effort of the salespeople, the location of the office, online presence, the referral business and reputation of the office, high exposure of the office to the public, signage – all of these things play a part in marketing toward buyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The agent’s job isn’t to advertise property in a newspaper. The agency’s job is to find a buyer at the highest price in the shortest possible time. Print advertising is a very expensive way of promoting a property and should not be a substitute for hard work from the Agency in charge of selling it. If an expensive ad in the paper is going to sell the house, why do you need an Agent?

Real Estate Agents have taken to advertising with great enthusiasm since Vendor Paid Advertising was introduced years ago. This is where the sellers pay upfront to advertise their home, and the agency selected, in the newspaper. There is approximately twenty times more advertising done, yet the volume of sales remains the same. It is a rip off! The percentage of buyers that purchase a home they saw in the newspaper is very low – as little as 6% - yet the cost of this advertising is huge, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Agents love this method because they get promoted for free, whether the house sells or not. This is one of the biggest complaints toward the Real Estate industry. If an agent tells you that you must pay upfront to advertise your home in the paper, there is a better way!

Some Real Estate offices will list properties far above market value, just for the opportunity to charge the seller to advertise their business, even when they know the property has little to no chance of selling. The property sits on the market and becomes a “lemon”. Nobody wants to buy it because of the false promises made about a high price.

York Realty isn’t against advertising; it is against offices that push Vendor Paid Advertising toward sellers to promote themselves more so than the property – and charging the sellers for the privilege.


In the unlikely event that we are unable to sell your property, there are absolutely NO Agents' fees or marketing / advertising charges. This places all the risk and responsibility on us to perform, which is how it should be.

This makes us work harder than other Agents. We are so confident in our ability to sell your property, that we carry the risk and invest our own funds to market your property. This guarantees that you will not lose money if you decide to remove your property from the market.


Michael was recommend to us as he sold my Daughter and Son In-law's house. Michael was very understanding of our circumstance and the need to sell our house. He was very helpful always punctual and went above and beyond in the service he provided. We sold our house within 2 days of it being listed and received a great price. It is with this in mind we would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone wanting to sold their property . Thank you. Neville and Cheryl Park

—Neville & Cheryl / Glenvale

We couldn't recommend an agent more highly than we recommend Michael Brown from York Realty He is personable, very helpful and honest. He has excellent knowledge of the Toowoomba real estate market and kept in constant contact with us throughout the entire sale process. He is true to his word and exceeded our expectations in all areas (including the sale of our home in under 3 days). For anyone looking to sell their home, you can't go past the service and expertise of Michael.

—Karlie & Shane / South Toowoomba

We were incredibly impressed with Michaels knowledge of the market and felt he listened to our needs in selling our property. He didn't tell us what he thought we wanted to hear, he weighed up the pros and cons and gave us his opinion on pricing. We were happy with his plan to sell the house and made things very easily for us in relation to selling the house whilst living interstate. He was able to assist with recommending someone to mow the yards, clean the carpets and a plumber for a needed repair. Overall, both of us were very happy and he obtained $6000 over listed price. Thanks again Michael and team. Kel and Shaun HOURIGAN, Highfields.

—Kel & Shaun / Highfields
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