Mark Reuben, Travancore, 3032

Mark Reuben

Senior Sales Executive

Pagan Real Estate, Travancore, 3032

Pagan Real Estate

8 Mt Alexander Road, Travancore
Victoria 3032
Agency overview

PAGAN Real Estate Specialise in APARTMENT Sales - our sales numbers are BIG! We actually sell the most properties for ALL offices located in the city of Moonee Valley & Moreland!

PAGAN Real Estate trade as an independent company. We did trade as a franchise agency for 10 years, but 5 years ago we became an independent. APARTMENTS are our Market & what I have built our business on. We employ a team of 16. PAGAN Real Estate SOLD 202 Apartments in 2016, 294 in 2017 & 290 apartments SOLD in 2018. This equates to 790 Unit Sales in the last 3 calendar years. No other agency can match these sales numbers for ‘Unit Sales’.

While we have already started 2019 in STRONG fashion, with 98 Apartment deals for the year so far (NOT BAD in a so called tough Market!)


1. Some background on your agent - Mark Reuben is a high performer, do take the time to do some research & even feel free to compare the other agents locally.

Mark Reuben is a high performer, do take the time to do some research. (Feel free to compare me against any other agent in Melbourne)
Please click on my agent profile on the below link via Australia’s biggest real estate portal,

Over the last 24 months I have SOLD OVER 138 apartments out of which 115 is within the Melbourne CBD. This is my market. (Link above)
I’m officially the No.1 agent in the Melbourne area listing and selling more apartments than any other agent. (In fact I have sold either double the number or more than double than any other agent in Melbourne.)

Marketing Plan

With an outstanding track record across every segment within the CBD, Mark’s prodigious local knowledge is matched by a broad interest in both foreign and national business and economics. As a result he is more than capable to advise vendors regarding each step in the process of selling established or off the plan apartments or even pursuing real estate investments.
His clients are rewarded with his uncanny ability to consistently negotiate the best result in the current market whether on the open market or on a very discreet and confidential manner through his extensive clientele based locally and internationally.
Dominating Melbourne’s inner city market by consistently rated as the No 1. agent for the last 3 years in a row, Mark’s disciplined approach, unwavering focus and top-performing mindset are of paramount importance in his continued success."

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