Max Klimenko, Waterloo, 2017

Max Klimenko

Sales Executive

LJ Hooker Green Square – Waterloo, Waterloo, 2017

LJ Hooker Green Square – Waterloo

Shop 11/850 Bourke Street, Waterloo, New South Wales 2017
Agency Overview
Research says we’re Australia’s #1 real estate brand. That’s fantastic and we’re delighted.

For most of us, our properties are our most valuable asset. So when you make real estate decisions, it's important to entrust your asset with specialists everyone recognises.

LJ Hooker recently engaged leading analysts Galaxy Research to find out which real estate agencies were best recognised in the marketplace.

The findings ranked LJ Hooker ‘Number One’ based on 'unprompted recall' from more than 2,300 survey participants across Australia.

Additionally, 90% of respondents identified LJ Hooker as a real estate network when prompted by the survey team.

Ever since LJ Hooker launched the iconic 'Nobody Does it Better' campaign in the 1980s, we've been front and centre in the minds of people looking to buy, sell, rent and invest. We're continuing our brand awareness in television with our current 'Make Dreams Happen' commercial.

When our network members introduce themselves as being from LJ Hooker, the people they meet instantly know they're real estate specialists.

So what does this mean for you?

It means when you place your home or investment property in the hands of an LJ Hooker specialist, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your asset is handled by the best recognised team in real estate, attracting more qualified buyers and tenants to secure your premium result.

Let the team at LJ Hooker Green Square | Waterloo help you realise your real estate dreams.
Marketing Plan
1. Area dominance – For the past 10 years, I personally have sold 50% - 60% of all properties in our core area. I personally open more properties and have stronger relationships with buyers in this market than all of my competitors.
2. Product knowledge – I have personally inspected 90% of all homes sold locally for the past 10 years and attend the majority of all auctions. This allows me to know exactly what buyers are doing and what budgets they are playing with.
3. Negotiation skills – I have negotiated more deals in this area over the past 10 years than any other agent.
4. Buyer follow up – I will personally call every email inquiry I receive and truly qualify each buyer allowing me to identify the red hot buyers. This is not possible from simply emailing them back.
5. Auction clearance rate above 75% for the past 10 years.
6. A more personalised and specialised approach to selling - I, as the Licensed Real Estate Agent and Partner of LJ Hooker Green Square | Waterloo will be at every open home & handle all negotiations. I will be in constant contact with you at all times.
7. Communication with you - I will provide you with written feedback each week. This allows you to make the correct decision when the time comes.
Why LJ Hooker Green Square | Waterloo?
• LJ Hooker network - I will offer any LJ Hooker's offices a 20% conjunction if they introduce a buyer.
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