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Prime Residential Property Management , Point Cook, 3030

Prime Residential Property Management

C5 Entry, Level 1 2 MAIN Street, Point Cook
Victoria 3030
Agency overview

Prime Residential Property Management is an innovative agency who is changing the way landlords and tenants look at the traditional real estate agency. We are not run by a sales agent director like most estate agents, we are run by a passionate and dedicated property manager, Melissa Hickson. Melissa has been in the industry for close to 15 years and can see an area in the market for real estate agents who genuinely care about their clients and love their job. This is how Prime Residential Property Management was founded.
Melissa's vision is to ensure that having a rental property is not hard work and each client, tenant and/or landlord is communicated with effectively. Prime Residential Property Management have two office locations, one in the Melbourne CBD ( By Appointment only) and one in Point Cook Town Centre ( By Appointment only) although we are fully mobile agents. As our system works off a cloud based system, we can work anywhere and at anytime.
Our systems and technology enable Prime Residential Property Management to lead the rest of the estate agents who are struggling to keep up with the changes in the market and keep up with the changing times

We always have one goal, to do the best for our clients. Investment properties should not be hard work. We an agency role solely for investors, we only do property management. We are not run by a sale focused director- Founder Melissa Hickson is an innovative dedicated property manager. Melissa saw a space in the rental market for an agency who truly cares about their clients and wanting to achieve great things together.
Prim Residential is an innovative agency that uses the latest technology and is leading the rest of the agents into the way of the future.
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Marketing Plan

Our online application and booking process is continually keeping our vacancy rate at record lows. This new system that Prime Residential Property Management is using is not just helping our owners, but also making it easier for our prospective tenants with finding and applying for properties, speeding up the process of filling properties, we send a report each week to our owners of the progress of their property leasing when vacant and also contact them on the phone with consistent property updates.
Our marketing campaigns are leading edge in comparison to other agents. We utilise many websites with a minimum of 6 professional pictures.
We only use the best marketing and advertising techniques to minimise your vacant rates and put more money in your pack pocket. Below is a link to our Premiere Property video that we would like to share with you. The video showcases the value of advertising your property with a Premiere Property listing.
We also make use of video marketing and 3D Tours, which allows prospects to view your property and walk through your home, without physically being at the open for inspections. They can access and view your home 24 hours at day in their own time and then choose to apply for the property after their viewing.
Please see below:

It is extremely important that the marketing of your property is done in the right way effectively using all available mediums to attract the right tenants. We find the most effective method of marketing property is via the internet hence we advertise on:
We will also advertise on social media, prepare a marketing video as well as conduct a video tour of your property. This will enable potential tenants to view the property without attending the inspection if needed and will also showcase more aspects of your home. We are up to date with the latest technology and are leading the way with marketing in our area.
We strongly recommend for professional photos to be taken prior to advertising, this will mean that your property looks lighter and brighter and more attractive to tenants, meaning you will get people through the door. We can also professionally style photos if required.
On commencement of marketing we ask that two full sets of keys are given to our office plus an additional access set. This enables us to keep a full set of keys in the office to gain access to the property should it be required during the tenancy. We will also arrange for the keys to be collected once the property settles on your behalf if the property is yet to settle.

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