Michael Stylman, Mccrae, 3938

Michael Stylman

Licensed Estate Agent

Granger Estate Agents, Mccrae, 3938

Granger Estate Agents

683 Point Nepean Road, Mccrae
Victoria 3938
Agency overview

At Granger, we have one goal in mind; “To be the best group of Real Estate Agents for our clients”.

Our agents have longstanding reputations for getting the best results in real estate. We offer accurate market appraisals to give you an honest understanding of the price we can achieve for your property.

Marketing Plan

There’s something different about us. And it’s a big deal because it means we can get you the best deal. We call it the GRANGER Factor, and here’s why it benefits you.

With most agencies, you’ll be given just one agent. That agent wants all the commission to themselves, so it’s in their interest not to share your listing with other agents if they can help it.

Because that agent wants to keep all of their commission, they’ll only be open to working with potential buyers that they alone can find.

The fault here is that you, the vendor, lose out:
• Fewer potential buyers for you
• A possibly longer sales period than necessary
• You may not get the best possible price for your property

The GRANGER Factor is that our agents are on a shared commission system.

This means you get an entire team of GRANGER Estate Agents working together to sell your property.

This allows us to achieve exceptional results with a great sale price, in the shortest possible time. Again, we don’t charge extra for that, it’s just the way we think it should work.

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