Natalie Hight, Pimlico, 4812

Natalie Hight

Business Development Manager

Daring and Young Property, Pimlico, 4812

Daring and Young Property

Shop 4/203 Kings Road, Pimlico, Queensland 4812
Agency Overview
To succeed in the Townsville rental market, you require an experienced and dedicated property management team who intimately understand the Townsville rental market. We are not afraid to stand alone and do things differently. With over 20 years’ combined experience in the local real estate game, our hand-picked team of professionals have an intimate understanding of Townsville – its people, its property and its particular challenges and triumphs.
We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Same-old is not our style. We’re shaking things up. We’re doing things differently. And we are determined to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.
Marketing Plan
Daring and Young's approach to marketing is highly professional as we believe achieving the highest level of exposure will generate the maximum amount of enquiry which in turn will offer you a better choice of quality tenant. Upon engaging our agency, the diligent Property Management team promptly swing into action to ensure your property receives maximum exposure. Using resources such as real estate websites and the agency rent list, social media and sign boards.

Daring and Young are one of the few agencies that has a strict policy of not handing out keys to prospective tenants. Some would question why we go to this extra effort. When we refuse to hand out keys to prospective tenants we are not only protecting the landlord - but any future tenants. While a prospective tenant has unsupervised access to a key to a property that is not theirs they have access to make copies. The thought of a stranger wandering the streets with a key to your home is a scary thought.

Meeting a prospective tenant at the property gives a good opportunity to gauge their wants and needs. We don't just show the prospective tenants one property we show them all properties which may suit them. From a viewpoint of a landlord cross pollinating prospective tenants in-turn gets a better and quicker result.
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