Neil Ho, Caroline Springs, 3023

Neil Ho


VNAU REAL ESTATE, Caroline Springs, 3023


PO Box 3513, Caroline Springs
Victoria 3023
Agency overview

* Innovative vision in real estate
* Success with Integrity
* Friendly & Professional Approach
* Strategic marketing
* Multilingual English Vietnamese Chinese
* Our knowledge is your money printing machine
* Accurate appraisal hence selling fast & effective with low commission structure

Marketing Plan

1/ Contact all our buyers advising them the property for sale.
2/ Marketing your property, expose your property to the entire market place, the more it is exposed and advertised the more buyers, hence the better price for you.
3/ Result feedback from advertising and buyers feedback of the property regarding prices
4/ Selling your property at the best possible price
5/ Complete settlement, handover procedure


Excellent structure in business, Neil's integrity and perfection desire has brought many success.

Besides Neil's professional sales career, Neil is also a good estimator for big development projects which generate excellent profit.

—Anthony Nguyen / Southbank, VIC

Professional investor who know how to manage his cash-flow in his investments.

From the bank point of view, all risks has been eliminated when his projects were substantiated with facts. As a result it was a win win situation.

—Enrick King / Sunshine, VIC

One of the best Mining Engineers and Estimators for Leighton. As an estimator, Neil managed to secure many mining contracts such as Nimingarra-Yarrie, WA for us with BHP worth $500 millions over 5 years.

All the best with Neil's new company.

—J. Dunkley / Perth, WA
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