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Nicholas Scott Real Estate, Yarraville, 3013

Nicholas Scott Real Estate

130 Gamon Street, Yarraville
Victoria 3013
Agency overview

Nicholas Scott Real Estate has a proud history of ethical practices across Western Melbourne that dates back to 1951 when ‘George & Company Real Estate’ first opened its doors to the Yarraville community.

Being one of Yarraville’s very first agencies, the business was formed on a foundation of ethics and standards, in a time when a person’s handshake would be the guarantee on a transaction.

In 1987 Nicholas Skapoulas joined the company under one of the very first Real Estate Institute of Victoria Apprenticeships. Working his way up the company ranks, Nicholas became the owner and Director in 1997 and rebranded George & Company as ‘Nicholas Scott Real Estate’.

Nicholas Scott Real Estate continues to deliver outstanding services to buyers, sellers and landlords in the same manor that its predecessor did: through ethical and transparent practices.

As one of Yarraville and Western Melbourne’s premier Real Estate agencies, Nicholas Scott Real Estate approach the market with a unique and proven method for delivering the best possible result across the board.

Marketing Plan

From start to finish, your campaign is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail through the execution of professional photography, detailed floorpans, copywriting and external channel delivery.

Nicholas Scott Real Estate are one of the only agencies that employ a Marketing Manager and work with an outsourced Public Relations firm. This allows our agency to ensure that your property receives the best possible exposure for your property through traditional real estate channels such as, (and roughly 10 other online portals), but also new media, such as social, digital and database marketing.

We make your journey as a home seller simple, but significant.

We only show your home to buyers who we qualify prior to any appointments, meaning that there are no open homes and no ingenuine buyers looking through your property. This means that the process is as less intrusive to you as possible.

Once a prospective buyer looks through your home they are then able to place a silent bid on your property which is then presented to you. Silent bids are not disclosed to anyone except for the agent and the buyer, meaning that each potential buyer is put in a position where they must place their highest bid against the property.

in addition to our silent bid system, we sell our properties as a Sales Team, not an individual.

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