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Nick Walker


RT Edgar Boroondara Pty Ltd, Kew, 3101

RT Edgar Boroondara Pty Ltd

1153 Burke Road, Kew, Victoria 3101
Agency Overview
With 25 years in real estate, Nick Walker has seen many facets of the industry. Director of RT Edgar Boroondara Nick moved into residential sales from commercial real estate 16 years ago, a change well suited to his personable nature. Valued long-standing relationships and a largely referral-based clientele are the reward of his calm demeanour and intuitive negotiating skills. Our approach is simple: We believe each client relationship is a shared partnership.
This means that we listen to your requirements, tailor a marketing campaign highlighting your property’s most saleable features and then consult you when key decisions need to be made.
From the moment you appoint RT Edgar, a director and professional sales consultant will coordinate your campaign from the beginning to the end, so you are fully informed of your property’s progress at all times. Your team will liaise with you to manage all inspections and complete the vital buyer communication. This ensures that you are comfortable with the process, fully informed and able to make decisions with the benefit of hindsight and the facts in hand.
Marketing Plan
Selling your property means the careful orchestration of advertising, marketing and public relations. Our goal is to reach precisely the right target audience through key local and national print, together with an unparalleled online and social media presence.

Servicing the premium Melbourne’s markets of Stonington, Boroondara and the Bayside areas, the influence of RT Edgar now extends to the premium leisure markets of The Yarra Valley and Alpine regions as well as The Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, providing RT Edgar with a unique presence in Victoria’s prestigious property markets.
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