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Lang Realty - Coomera

4 Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, Queensland 4209
Agency Overview
Lang Realty is the longest established agency in the region, having first opened in 1987. We are a family run business, and still operate from the same address in Dreamworld Parkway at Coomera. Our team members continually study marketing and negotiation techniques, resulting in a hard won reputation for achieving high prices for our sellers. We are so confident in our services, we offer a meaningful service guarantee stating that you only pay us if you believe we can demonstrate we have done all we can to achieve the highest possible price for you.)
Marketing Plan
We have had the opportunity to look at many different selling systems over the years, and regardless of the increased use of technology, achieving the highest selling price for your property still comes down to this: -
The agent who is the best marketer and the best negotiator will almost certainly achieve the highest price for you.
Internet exposure is important of course, and we advertise all out properties on major local websites, but this alone is not enough. There are a number of other strategies we uniquely employ to attract buyers who will be prepared to pay a high price for your property.
Another real estate marketing fact is that any enquiry on any property could produce the buyer for your home, so marketing needs to be structured to create enquiry, not sell individual product.

For example:

A key marketing rule states that “less information generates more enquiries”. Real estate signs usually give buyers so much information there is often no reason to contact the agent, so many enquiries can be lost.
Our “For Sale” signs give agency name, phone number and web address only – no specific property details. This means buyers must contact our agency for more details. For the same reason I only advertise the suburb, and not the specific address for the property.

No mobile phone numbers or after hour numbers are used in any of our marketing and no buyer enquiries ever goes to message bank. Our office number (07 55732755) is the only number advertised, and this number is answered by a real person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All buyer details, regardless of the time of day or night, are immediately logged into our data base, even before the enquiry goes to a salesperson; so no enquiry is missed - ever!
As a result of using this system, we have names and contact information on every buyer who has made a property enquiry over the past decade, so our buyer data is by far the largest. An e-brochure on the property will immediately be sent to hundreds of members of our “buyers club”. And as buyers average over a hundred days to make a purchase decision, there is an extremely high probability that the buyer for your property has been entered into our enquiry logs over the past two or three months. When we list your property, I will personally phone all the prospective buyers who have enquires about property in your price range over that period.

Heart buyer search:
When we newly list a property in a residential estate, we conduct a “heart buyer” search. Over 36% of purchasers buy in their immediate area, so there’s a strong chance the buyer for your property already lives in one of the surrounding streets. Often these people will pay a higher price because they buy emotionally (often wanting to be close to friends or relatives). When the property is initially listed for sale, we door knock houses in the surrounding streets looking for a heart buyer. This is done within the first two days of listing the property, when the property is still fresh on the market.

Newspaper & Magazine Advertising:
Marketing involves much more than simply advertising in magazines and papers, and agents who rely on expensive print advertising are usually missing a large percentage of active buyers anyway.
Generations X & Y don’t read newspapers, they communicate electronically, so it is a waste of money having huge exposure of individual properties.
This does not mean that newspaper ads are totally ineffective though. When we list the right properties we run puller ads, because any ad for any property could be the one which finds the buyer for your property.
Here’s an example: We listed a renovator in Santa Barbara, and due to the state of the property, the seller listed the home for $295,000. Because its location and price were highly sought features, I ran an ad in the local newspaper which resulted in over 200 enquiries. From that one ad we sold that home well above list price, plus an additional six properties, one of which was over $600,000.

Buyer’s Price Declaration:
In over 90% of cases agents do not test for the highest amount a buyer is prepared to pay, Even if the seller is prepared to accept the price offered, this is no guarantee that it is the buyers highest offer; so once your agent has found the right buyer, how do you know the price the agent negotiates is the highest possible price the buyer will pay?
We submit all offers in the form of a signed contract, backed up by the Buyer’s Price Declaration (see blank attached). The key element here is that the details of each offer are not communicated to any other prospective buyers, and each buyer has only one opportunity to submit their highest offer. Using this system, one of our trained negotiators is almost certain to extract the highest price a buyer is prepared to pay immediately, rather than the signing and countersigning procedure used by most agents. In cases where we have two or more competing buyers for the property, this system has consistently been proven to attract offers tens of thousands of dollars above offers submitted by other competing buyers. Even in instances where there is only one buyer, this system (if used correctly) is invaluable in helping us achieve the highest possible price.
This is unique to our agency.

Service Guarantee:
Our company works on a “no sale no fee” policy. You only pay us commission when we have sold the property, and the amount you pay us is dependant upon how hard you feel we have worked to get you the highest possible price.
This and other client protection initiatives are covered in our Homesellers Protection Guarantee (see blank attached). It is our belief that sellers should only employ an agent who is prepared to sign a meaningful service guarantee such as this.

The real estate industry offers a number of ways to sell, but the irrefutable evidence we’ve accumulated over the years shows that selling by private treaty consistently achieves the highest price for the seller. The initial list price should be high, and if the marketing does not produce buyer response, then the price should come down until the best buyer has been found. All negotiation experts agree this is the best way to achieve the highest price.
Advertising the property with no price (eg. “all offers considered”) eliminates 67% of buyers.
Advertising the property as “offers above X dollars” attracts buyers who from a lower price range.
Auctions have constantly been proven to achieve a lower price. Neil Jenman provides a lot of information on this subject; a link can be found at: http://www.jenman.com.au/BS_S_Auctions.php

Sales Training:
Garry Pittard, the renowned real estate sales trainer, maintains that 95% of real estate sales people have never read one book on negotiation.
When one considers that it only requires a two day course to obtain a Real Estate Sales Certificate, it is no wonder that most sales agents do not have the skills required to achieve the highest price for your property.
All sales staff members at Lang Realty are required to consistently study marketing and negotiation techniques as part of their employment agreement.
I am confident that you will see the results of these studies in the way we negotiate the highest possible price for your property.

I am hopeful that I have been able to demonstrate to you the reasons why our superior selling methods consistently achieve the highest price for our sellers.

I am happy to further discuss these various pricing and marketing strategies at a time of your convenience, so if you would like me to talk with you further on the subject, please contact me at any time for an obligation free appraisal.)

As interstate investors we interviewed a number of agents before choosing Nigel at Lang Realty to sell our property.
They were recommended to us, and we felt their selling systems would give us the best opportunity of securing the highest price.
The results exceeded all our expectations; Nigel secured a fantastic price for us, and the negotiations could not have gone smoother.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel at Lang Realty to anybody who is looking to sell in the Coomera region.

Richard & Michelle Strates / Coomera

The Lang Realty sales team is streets above the opposition - they are an extremely professional outfit.

I was delighted with the constant feedback and their superior marketing strategies.

They were able to achieve an excellent price for my home and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Susan Tronc / Helensvale

We have bought and sold a number of properties in the Coomera area over the past ten years. Nigel Lang and his sales staff at Lang Realty have handled all our real estate needs. Their professionalism and integrity are streets ahead of the competition. The advice we have received from Nigel has resulted in us selling all our properties there for truly exceptional prices. We wouldn’t even consider using another agency.

Tony And Vicki Little / Upper Coomera
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