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Trisha Wythes

Sales Consultant

Wythes Real Estate - Cooroy, Cooroy, 4563

Wythes Real Estate - Cooroy

36B Maple Street, Cooroy, Queensland 4563
Agency Overview
The three most commonly asked questions...
1. Another agency is prepared to reduce their commission & pay for my marketing?
- Don’t be fooled by the offer of “free” advertising or the offer of a very low commission rate. Ask yourself “why are they doing this?” Also recognize the fact that if they can’t even negotiate with you on their own commission rate, how are they going to negotiate on your behalf for the highest sale price possible for your most important asset?

- Also acknowledge the fact that if this agent has invested his money into the marketing of your property (and you can only assume he does this quite frequently) then he will be very likely to persuade you accept any offer and not work hard to obtain the best offer he can get out of the prospective buyer. The old adage “You get what you pay for” is very important in this industry.

- Did you realize that if we negotiate a higher price for you on the sale of your property, say $10,000 more, than the other agent has offered, there would only be $300 more commission payble? This higher sale figure makes up for a lot of reduced commission payable and free marketing deals.

2 .Why should you choose us to sell your property?

- The biggest difference between us and other agents is that we recognize that the most important part of our job is to obtain the highest possible price for you for your property. We are trained negotiators and will negotiate the highest price for your sale as it is very easy for agents to take the easy way out and not strive to obtain the very best result for you and to be satisfied with just getting a result i.e. a sale.
We have been recognised by realestate.com as the number 1 agency in Cooroy for most
properties listed and sold. We have achieved record sales in town, land & for small acreage in Cooroy
- Our marketing strategies are formulated to match the property we are marketing. We know the demographic of the likely buyer and design our marketing to this sector of the potential buyer market. We do not have a “one size fits all” strategy.
- We have six support staff that ensure that our marketing and administration process is not only professional but also progressive. This also allows us to sell your property and not be bogged down in the administrative side. Basically we have more time.
- We have a large rent roll which enlarges our database enormously and increases the traffic through our office. This in turn increases the exposure your property gets.
- Our database is second to none. It is kept current and regular communication is made to the clients on this database keeping them informed of market trends and detailed exposure to new properties that hit the market not to mention information on sold properties which enables sellers to get an idea of what comparative properties are selling for.
- Our location is excellent because it is in the main street opposite the Post Office and is painted a highly visible bright orange. We are never missed!! Your property is displayed in the front window both with a detailed colour brochure and also in the large TV screen on the front wall of our office. The highly visible building guarantees you lots of buyer exposure.
- Every employee of Wythes Real Estate holds a full sales licence.

3. Can I list my property with multiple agents?

- You can multi-list your property. The main reason multi-listing is not a good idea is that you don’t have one agent in total control of your property. It is our job as your exclusive agent to monitor the marketing progress of your advertising campaign, that is, how many enquiries you have had, where these enquiries have come from, knowing each and every buyer’s reason for not choosing your property to buy – it may be some simple objection, which we can overcome.
I need to know exactly what is going on with your property and I cannot do this if another agency is involved in the marketing of your property. It will also cost you a lot more money to market your property as you will have the expense of two marketing campaigns.
- You will also look “desperate to sell” as you would have two “For Sale” signs up on it. We need to work together as a team with regular uncomplicated communication.)
Marketing Plan
Essentially, we can't sell a secret! Marketing is an essential tool to get your property sold! But it is not a 'one size fits all'

We would be more than happy to discuss your options with you once we have viewed your home so that we can tailor make the most effective strategy for you.)

Hi Craig

Many thanks for coming out to meet with us last week, your feedback and appraisal on our Tinbeerwah property was very much appreciated. We intend to take your advice and get another couple of opinions to get a realistic median price of what we could expect to achieve in today's market should we decide to sell.

Having said that we were very impressed with your prompt and professional service and you can be assured that you would be on the top of our list of people we would be speaking to should we decide a move to somewhere else is necessary. I have a meeting today with a commercial wholesale supplier which will also help clarify if we can produce enough from our existing site or if we need to look at changing location in the near future.

Please feel free to keep in touch and we will keep you posted on our situation.

Kind regards

Keith Roberts,
Gourmet Garnishes
Ph 0435 383 794

Keith Roberts / Tinbeerwah

"Dear Alisa,

Finally I can settle down to writing to you about Craig Fischer, your sales person who sold my house which settled on 22nd May 2015.

I wanted to do this earlier Alisa, however I literally have not had the time.

We live in far north Queensland but we do travel south quite a bit. It was usual for us to visit Kin Kin to sight my house. What we seemed to sight more and more was the Wythes orange property signs, making quite an impression on us as we drove around. When I decided to sell my house I naturally chose your brand for that reason. That was just the start of a great relationship and a rapid successful outcome with Wythes.

Speaking to Craig, who always promptly answered texts, calls and emails, I felt very strongly that this was the person who could sell my house. His manners are refreshingly impeccable, his humour engaging, his ability outstanding and I am so happy that he kept me in the loop along the way regarding the status of enquiry on my ho

Bronwyn Antill / Kin Kin

12 Swift Drive Cooroy.

From Purchaser:

We can highly recommend Wythes for all the help they gave us, Especially Craig who is a great person, and went way beyond what we expected of him.

Thank you so much Craig we highly recommend you all.

J Dorsett

Jim Dorsett / Cooroy
Office Location
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