Paul Mole, Sorrento, 6020

Paul Mole

Senior Sales Executive

Ray White - North Quays & Sorrento, Sorrento, 6020

Ray White - North Quays & Sorrento

8/15 Harman Road Road, Sorrento, Western Australia 6020
Agency Overview
Putting a sign out the front and your property on the web and waiting for the buyers to come to you is not a plan to sell your biggest asset.

You could do that Mr and Mrs Vendor, so what are you paying an agent for?

Too many agents still let homes sell themselves and not the other way around, and your property is definitely not there to sell your agent.

If I can show you a way of selling your property to the widest buyer audience possible, with a set time frame that buyers need to act by and create buyer competition, would you be open to hearing it?

The conversation we must have is about the strategy we’re going to use around the price the next owner of your home is going to pay.

I’m prepared to work the PROCESS to help you get the best possible outcome.

Choose your agent on trust, work rate and their level of energy, and most important of all their marketing strategy. What is their plan? It's fine to have a price, but what is the strategy to get it?

Your home doesn't go on the market in isolation of other properties. It is Ray White's job to make sure we out-market the competition, so we can find your EMOTIONAL BUYER.

It's all about the process. This is what the best agents do.)
Marketing Plan
When two, three, or more people want to buy the same property — they compete for it. This pushes up the price and ensures you’re getting the best possible outcome.

My job is to create competition among interested buyers.

Your selling price will be the direct result of careful planning and execution; pricing your home accurately, presenting your home effectively, attracting prospective buyers and managing those buyers, proactive marketing and your agent’s negotiating skills.

Real estate is a numbers game. Decide what people want (your home) then tell them they need it (marketing) then sell it to them (negotiation).

I know where all the buyers come from, but from one sales campaign to the next I don't know where the BEST buyer comes from.

Marketing a home is like going fishing. If you want to catch the most fish you need to use the biggest net you can. You don’t go fishing with just one rod.

If we want to catch the most buyers, so we can target your EMOTIONAL BUYER, then we need to cast our net as far and wide as possible.

The days of putting a property on the web, a sign out the front and waiting for the buyers to come to you is over. That’s old real estate and in my opinion it's lazy real estate.)
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