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Peter de Jong


Rental Domain - Goodna, Goodna, 4300

Rental Domain - Goodna

5 Smiths Street, Goodna, Queensland 4300
Agency Overview
Our Team at Rental Domain are "The Rental Specialists". Our sole purpose is the management of residential investment properties within Goodna and surrounding areas.
Our Team are all local residents, investors and home owners. We know what it means to own investment properties and the challenges that can present. Being local area experts, having up to date area knowledge and having in invested interest in our surroundings, sets us apart from the rest.
As a Team of specialists we pride ourselves in being able to deliver on our promise, we strive to grow as an agency and as a service in a demanding environment and we do not back away from problems. We will find solutions. We will take the stress out of owning an investment property.
Marketing Plan
We utilise the leading real estate website for advertising, We also maintain our Rental Domain Website, window displays, rental lists and signage at the property.

The wonderful staff of Rental Domain have looked after my rental properties for more than 15 years with the level of care that I expect from a professional service. I have full confidence in their ability to handle all aspects of property management and to keep in touch with me when required. I know the staff well and appreciate the work they do for me.

Christien Ginn / Riverhills

To Peter de Jong and the Rental Domain Team,
I would like to thank you for your continued reliability and certainty in
managing each and every aspect of our property portfolio these past 18 years. I have always been very impressed with Rental Domain’s property management skills. You are a team that I can count on to keep me up to date, which makes our lives so much easier being overseas. I really must congratulate your office for a great job, well done.

Michael Wilkes / New Zealand

I would like to thank the entire team at Rental Domain for the professional and caring way in which they found tenants for my investment property. Living more than an hour away I was concerned as to who would be looking after my new investment but the team handled it as if they were renting out there own property. When meeting Karen she was keen, enthusiastic and more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure my peace of mind was paramount. The team answered every email, phone call or message within minutes of me sending anything! They found phenomenal tenants in the property quickly and with minimal fuss. I am looking to purchase another property in Redbank Plains, as I know Rental Domain will rent it out immediately! Well done team thanks again!!!!

Steven James / Northgate
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