Peter Ozerskis, Surry Hills, 2010

Peter Ozerskis


Oz Combined Realty, Surry Hills, 2010

Oz Combined Realty

3/11-21 Flinders Street, Surry Hills
New South Wales 2010
Agency overview

Dear Seller,

Accuracy,dependability and transparency are the three words that my office and all my staff for 27 years have acknowledged and included in all our services.

Be it selling, property management or strata management these words are ingrained in our culture.

I want those there words to come into every one of my or my staff's interaction with whomever wishes to engage our services.

Over the years our office has enjoyed a lot of referral business as people who have experienced our service know we do what we say we will do.

Located in a prominent location and available by phone 24/7 ensures that you never miss an enquiry on your property.

Shop 3 11-21 Flinders Street,
Surry Hills 2010
Peter Ozerskis
0418 428 161

Marketing Plan

Dear Seller,

the agent you choose to sell your property and the strategies employed by that agent have a huge bearing on how much you end up with net.

This is a very hot sellers market at the moment.

Any agent can sell your property.

It's easy.

However even in this market many sellers are undersold and will never know.

Strategically placing your property on the right websites and pre qualifying your buyers is one of the strategies we use.

By knowing your buyer rather than having a hit and miss approach we are in stronger position to negotiate to get the highest price on your behalf whether you decide to sell at auction or by private treaty our strategy has proven to get our clients great results on a consistent basis.

Our data base is extensive and often we find buyers or their relatives come from this.

With more than 90% of our enquiry coming from the websites, press advertising can be an expensive excercise with little result for the outlay.

On 23.2.15 403/1 Poplar Street Surry Hills sold for a record price
Yesterday I sold another 605/1 Poplar Street another record price.
Both 1 bedrooms no parking. $1600/qtr strata. $585K and $600K
I have buyers left over.

Our Office has just set 2 more sales records in Eastlakes and Surry Hills using the Oz Realty Marketing Strategies.

Both were auctioned by Cooley Auctions Double Bay.

I believe our office can find you the highest paying buyer.

If we can be of help please call or email me.


Peter Ozerskis J.P.


Alan Keyes shares how choosing the wrong agent can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars
Hello my name is Alan Keyes, I am the owner of 53 Flood Street and we have recently sold this property through Ozway Realty.
Our previous agents, who shall not be named but there a very large well known brand on the market, managed to achieve an offer for us of $1,500,000 which we refused, which wasn’t enough.
Ozway Realty managed to realise a price for us of $1,640,000 and a very short settlement time.
Their straight forward attitude and honesty, was very much appreciated as previously we’d been with another agent who had recommended that we put it on the market for an expected price of $1.6m to $1.8m.

—Alan Keys / Bondi

Anthony Hersch tried to sell with a “Big Local Agent” that cost him thousands and months of lost time!
Hi, I’m Anthony, my wife and I have a little baby who was the mitigating factor for us to be looking to sell and move onto the next property with a bit of space for her to run around outside.
Looking around we looked at a number of different agencies looking at what there offerings were, looking at there commission rates but also very much looking at the way they ran there campaigns.
And what we found was really different when we decided to go with Ozway was really there approach and that’s really what got us sold.
The other agency, being a larger agency, uses print media as one of the driving forces, primarily, I think to promote their own businesses as opposed to promoting my property. And we ended up spending about $6,000 on the campaign with no results and as we spoke about before no real offers.
Where with Ozway they came through with a much more favourable quote.

—Anthony Hersch / Vaucluse
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