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Davey Real Estate, North Beach, 6020

Davey Real Estate

26 North Beach Road, North Beach, Western Australia 6020
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We believe Davey Real Estate is best placed and qualified to attract a buyer prepared to invest at the right level in your property.

Key Marketing Advantages:

• Team success – Isn’t it comforting to know you have a whole team working for you? Experience is paramount in attaining important goals such as achieving the highest nett sale price. Furthermore, our five office network provides a team of over 60 consultants working together in the northern suburbs. Our team culture works within each office and between each office!
• Selling the West Coast since 1975 – the longest serving on the coast and leading the way in innovative marketing techniques.
• Market Share – We know your suburb well and have a proven track record. Look at our signs!
• Local Office – our well located office has a reputation for specializing in your area. Both the industry and the public acknowledge our experience and expertise in marketing property.
• Window Display – having your property displayed in six offices brings six times the response from this source.
• Conjunctions – our policy is quite simple: if another agent has a buyer for your property, we have a duty to ensure that the buyer has an opportunity to purchase your home.
• Peace of Mind – it costs no more to employ the services of an experienced real estate agent with skill and strength. Indeed our skill and procedures often achieve a higher price for your property.
• Auction Experience – we develop a special program for each property with a wide range of options to suit you. Not only do we have 3 excellent auctioneers but our staff are well trained in the procedures involved. It is the work which goes into the program before auction day which will determine the success. We are confident you will see the difference!
• Members of REIWA – Belonging to the Real Estate Institute is a benefit to our clients. Our institute not only sets high standards of service for members but keeps members well informed about market trends.
• Davey Website – Our state of the art web site is both user friendly and efficient. We are now receiving over 1500 hits per week and also list on 14 other leading real estate websites.
• Phil Pope – in his first full year with Davey Real Estate eclipsed all by becoming the company’s Number One grossing agent, and has since been awarded Davey Real Estate’s prestigious “Number 1 Agent” award 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and again this year 2015, as well as being awarded the REIWA Grandmaster Salesperson. Phil has quickly become a highly sought after local agent due to his integrity, honesty, systemized processes and 24/7 work ethic mentality.
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