Ree Chettri, Albert Park, 3206

Ree Chettri

Business Development Manager

The Agency - Melbourne, Albert Park, 3206

The Agency - Melbourne

89 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park
Victoria 3206
Agency overview

At The Agency, we work for you.
Bringing together the most talented people in real estate today, we’re here to change the way you experience property.
The Agency was established to bring together the most experienced and highly regarded group of people in the real estate space and have created a model that is more responsive to today’s property market.

The Agency is free from the constraints imposed on the traditional real estate franchisee.

Our modern, bespoke model empowers us to embrace opportunities and cut through the red tape to make qualitative decisions. This freedom inspires us to do things differently… and better. With four stand-alone yet fully integrated verticals of Residential Sales, Project Marketing, Property Management and Finance, The Agency boasts the power of extensive networking, database resourcing, cross-selling and a better more seamless outcome for our clients.

Catering for today’s market, our clever use of technology will give you a mighty big advantage.

In real estate, experience is everything – it builds trust and it delivers results. If you want experience, dependability and results, then you’ve found it with The Agency.

Marketing Plan

Property Management Service Offering

We believe that it is people that lease and manage properties, not brands. The Agency has combined the strength of some of the most experienced, passionate property managers and leasing specialists in the country, working cohesively sharing their talents and expertise.

There are five pivotal focus points that your property will move through :
Marketing- Professional, individual campaigns
Leasing- Dedicated professionals and a vast reach
Management- Stress free transition to a dedicated management specialist
Accounting- Centralized accounting bu trust account specialists
Compliance- Being diligent is the cornerstone of our success

Our model was designed to optimize and empower our people's talents and skills sets to ensure that at every stage of the process, no shortcuts are taken. For our clients, our benefits are results, service and ongoing satisfaction

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