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Cocoon Real Estate

7/180 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Victoria 3141
Agency Overview
Although price can be used as a differentiator, it should not be your primary motivation in selecting an agent. We as consumers are all looking for a good deal and would welcome the opportunity to meet face to face to discuss your objectives and how we can best help you achieve your investment goals.
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2 month FREE TRIAL:
If pro-active communication, strong rental returns and minimal vacancy periods are important to you, then it makes sense to choose an expert that focuses on managing property. Now you can experience the difference a specialist can make with a 2-month FREE Trial.

Although we agree that maximising the rental income is an important component to successful property investment, we also understand that selecting the right Tenant "fit" and minimising the costs of vacancy are too. It is our professional opinion and experience that we would prefer to leave the property vacant, rather than putting in an unqualified tenant simply to earn a letting or management fee. Otherwise the costs can easily and ultimately outweigh the benefits.

Need Proof:
Feel free to contact any of the current property owners below:
Beth F. 0403 264 229
Jim D. 0403 180 300
Matt P. 0404 864 866
Vito F. 0439 444 888

Leasing your property is a complex procedure. Whether it’s your first time, or you’re an experienced property investor, it’s very easy to forget things and to feel overwhelmed.

While you should always feel comfortable asking questions, the following ‘event roadmap’ might help keep you on track.

Step 1 Prior To the Listing
- Select an agent
- Sign an exclusive leasing and management agreement with your agent

Step 2 Listing Your Property
- Agent inspects the property and provides an accurate market assessment
- Agent prepares a marketing campaign and advertising materials
- Prepare your property for prospective tenant inspections, which are made either by private appointment or as advertised by “open for inspection”. We do not hand out keys to prospective tenants for a cash deposit.
- Agent conducts inspections and provides constructive feedback
- Agent receives and thoroughly processes a Tenancy Application(s)
- Agent negotiates a lease price/terms to your satisfaction

Step 3 Accepting the Application
- Application is accepted
- Agent prepares a legally binding “Lease Agreement” and “Residential Tenancy Bond Authority- Lodgement form”
- Agent sends a “Welcome Letter” to the tenant and arranges for leases to be signed by the approved tenant(s)
- Agent initially collects the first month’s rent, property bond or both amounts to secure the property

Step 4 Lease Commencement
- Prior to the commencement of the lease, the agent prepares a “written ingoing condition report and a short 5-15 minute ingoing condition report video as evidence of condition”
- Prepare an arrange keys collection
- Arrange for the collection of any outstanding monies
- Conduct a tenant induction so that the tenants are made aware of their obligation and duties during the lease period.

“It’s not just about leasing your property,
it’s also about protecting your investment”
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