Richard Simpson, North Melbourne, 3051

Richard Simpson


W. B. Simpson & Son, North Melbourne, 3051

W. B. Simpson & Son

30 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Victoria 3051
Agency overview

W.B. Simpson & Son is a family owned and managed real estate firm with a history stretching over 145 years. The firm was established in 1872 by William Simpson and who was joined by his son J.W.A Simpson. Since that time, the eldest sons have followed their father’s footsteps into the family real estate business. More recently, the principal of the firm, Darrell Simpson was joined by his son Richard Simpson, the fifth generation of Simpson to work in the firm since its establishment.

W.B. Simpson & Son has operated on the edge of the city in North Melbourne, West Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington, Carlton, Parkville and surrounding suburbs since its foundation. Over recent years with the growth of a number of major clients and our wide expertise, the activities of the firm have been extended throughout Melbourne. W.B. Simpson & Son is the pre-eminent real estate firm in North and West Melbourne.

We have built our reputation on integrity, honesty and dedicated commitment to servicing our client’s needs. Our vast experience, sound knowledge and considerable expertise result in happy, satisfied and successful clients.

W.B. Simpson & Son provides a high quality of professional service specialising in:
¦Auctions and Private Sales
¦Property Management & Leasing
¦Buyer Advocacy Services
¦Sworn Valuations
¦Property Investment Advice

W.B. Simpson & Son’s experience in selling comprises a complete range of types of properties including houses, apartments, investment and commercial premises on behalf of hundreds of individual vendors and companies. Our wide range of corporate and institutional clients include:
¦State Trustees
¦Royal Melbourne Hospital
¦Melbourne University
¦Melbourne City Council
¦Various Ministries and Departments of the Victorian State Government
¦Commonwealth Government
¦Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board

Marketing Plan

Our job is not just to sell your property but to get you the hidden 10% extra price that is available in the current market place. We do this by: 1. Exceptional Marketing; 2. Finding the Emotional Buyer; 3. High Level Negotiation; and 4. Using Buyer Competition. || Presentation || Presentation of your property for sale is extremely important. It can mean the difference between selling and not selling or thousands of dollars on the sales price. Generally properties present very well with minimal furniture, appliances and clutter. W.B. Simpson & Son can put you in contact with a professional property stylist who will provide quotations for furniture hire and styling if required. || Identifying the Likely Purchaser|| Identification of the likely purchasers assists us in targeting the marketing campaign in the right areas so that you receive value for your advertising investment. Many purchasers in in inner Melbourne are investors. With the largest property management business in the area, many of our client purchase additional properties from time to time and welcome our ability to source these for them. || Our Database of Registered Buyers || W. B. Simpson & Son actively maintains an extensive database of buyers who are actively looking to purchase property in inner Melbourne. The database is updated on a daily basis and each buyer is qualified as to the type of property, price range, property features, location etc. but most importantly by their willingness to purchase immediately.
Our buyers are generated by our sales activity in inner Melbourne areas as well as referrals, telephone, email, window display and walk in enquires.
Some agents will speak of their reach, such as having offices in other suburbs and large magazines, but we know from experience that most all purchases of property in inner Melbourne have registered their interest to purchase on our extensive data base. Remember, buyers follow properties not agents.

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