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Michael Bahari Estate Agents, Blacktown, 2148

Michael Bahari Estate Agents

1/15 Kildare Road, Blacktown, New South Wales 2148
Agency Overview
“Under the guidance of Michael (Ric ) Bahari. Michael Bahari estate agents have rebranded from a corporate marketing group to an independent agency. Ric feels the reason for the change, is to help the community identify that they are dealing with people just like themselves, rather than some corporation. However the whole staff understand the importance of being the best they can be in their chosen craft. Thus the constant focus on self improvement. Resulting in a higher calibre of “Professionalism and Service” when dealing with any staff member. We look forward to meeting you and your family”
Marketing Plan
Our Marketing plan begins initially by firstly establishing what similar properties in the local area have been selling for.

Based on this information we then set a higher asking price in the aim of achieving the maximum price, in the market place.

Part of achieving the maximum price, is timing.AS a property that is on the market for a longer period of time will run the risk of becoming stale.Thus less money for a owner.

For this reason every 21 days we assess the response of the public in regards to our asking price.

Regardless of suburb or market conditions three scenarios will occur which will inform us the public view on your property.

1.high inspections and offers
2.Moderate inspections no offers
3.No inspections and no offers.

If scenario 2 and 3 occur this highlights a price reduction is required after our 21 day period.As the public is comparing your property to other properties,thus feeling there is better value.Thus there is no offer

Rather then just rely on our advice you will be shown data and written information that will prove our opinion is factual rather then the opinion of an individual salesperson.

Together with assessing the response of the market we undertake the following marketing sources to attract potential buyers.

*Open houses,data,Media Print,Signage,Window Displays,etc.

All our sales staff undergo constant training.In order for you to have a highly trained salesperson representing you in the market place,thus utilising there skills in negotiating to ensure you recieve the most from the buyer.

In addition to all this the company adopts a culture to always place the owners needs first prior to their own needs this is evident by the countless testimonials we have received over the years
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