Rod Thornton, Hobart, 7000

Rod Thornton

Senior Property Manager

Rock, Hobart, 7000


294 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000
Agency Overview
We are owners turned investors ourselves, so we know how important it is in rental management to be both meticulous and cost-conscious. We take an investor approach to maximise your returns with the best property management services. Rock only does property management - that way we keep our focus on your property's management and are not diverted by sales. With our own maintenance team we can provide cost-effective and responsive maintenance services. We also recognise, as managers of around 1,000 properties, that if we manage conscientiously, and for maximised returns, our clients stay with us and re-invest.
Marketing Plan
We understand that residential property should be a secure and profitable investment for you. Rock has a consistent track record of ensuring that we achieve above market rents by careful selection of tenants and working with them to maintain long term tenancies. Each tenant is carefully vetted and approved by you before proceeding. As a property company that deals with a large number of residential properties we are constantly getting tenancy enquiries from the market. Advertising through our website and ensures a good feed of tenants in the market. We have other areas we would like to discuss with you about our long term strategy for ensuring maximum tenancy for you.

I Received a call from a prospective client who had multiple appraisals completed on his property in West hobart, to which none he was satisfied with.

The maximum appraisal amount was $750 Per week

I let the property in 2 weeks after acquiring the listing at $885 Per Week, making my client $7020 more than any other agent thought they could achieve

Property Manager Rock / West Hobart

I had been liaising with an investor over number of weeks who was attempting to lease their property in Sandy Bay

After appraising the property I deemed the value between $455-$475 Per week.

The now client, advised they would list with us only if we could achieve $475, as they had been achieving $450 for the past few years (when the market was achieving stronger rents).

I successfully leased the property to new tenants in 3 days at $475 Per Week.

Property Manager Rock / Sandy Bay
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