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Sally Shields


Shields Gillman Real Estate, Woollahra, 2025

Shields Gillman Real Estate

4/61A The Centre, Darley Street, Woollahra
New South Wales 2025
Agency overview

The Sydney property market is arguably the most dynamic in Australia. Supply and demand pressures are seeing prices and more importantly sales setting new records on a weekly basis.

The North Shore and Northern Beaches have long been regarded as Sydney’s most preferred areas and this has created a current demand for property and housing never before seen in these areas.

If you are buying or selling a house, home unit or land in any of these areas you need the services of a real estate agent with the best local knowledge and a proven sales history.

Local husband and wife real estate team Peter and Sally Gillman have a combined real estate sales and leasing experience of over 50 years. As long time Forestville residents they know the North Shore & Northern Beaches area extremely well and with their new offices at the Forestville shopping centre they have made it as easy and convenient as possible for buyers and sellers to avail themselves of their professional real estate services.

Peter or Sally are available 7 days a week. You may call them on 02 9451 884 and they will be happy to come to you.

Marketing Plan

Interest rates are at an all-time low, auction clearance rates are through the roof, buyers are queuing up and banging down the door.
Selling a property has never been easier – TRUE!
So, why should I use an agent to sell my property, more importantly why Shields Gillman?
The agents job is not to “sell the property” – It is to “get the absolute best result”, and this is why choosing your agent is the most important decision you will make when it comes to selling your home.
Everywhere you look there are tips on how to present your home, where and how to advertise it, when is the best time to sell, etc, etc.
In fact, Shields Gillman provide much of this information through their website and social media platforms to you or anyone wishing to access it. A good example is our “Complete Guide to Selling Your Property” attached here.
Now, what should you look for in a real estate agent? We’ve already said the job is to get the absolutely best result, but how do you know which one will.
Firstly your agent should be someone you will trust – they will need to know some very personal things about you - your motivation for selling, what your real expectations are, how your lifestyle may impact the marketing as well as other things. If you are discussing how your home will be sold and the agent does not touch on any of these matters, are they really arming themselves to do the best job for you?
You will also need to know the agent is a strategic marketer and negotiator. The relationship you will have with your agent should be like a partnership. What this means is they should work with you and keep you informed about the strategies they will be using to market your home and eventually get the best result. Agents who only want to discuss things like what advertisements they will do and when they will show the property are only telling you the basics. You should know their strategies and how they will negotiate for you.
Selling your home is possibly one of the most stressful events during your lifetime so communication and knowing what is happening should be at the top of the list. A good agent will communicate regularly with you - in writing, by phone and in person; and unless something out of the box happens, they should be initiating the contact, not you.
Sales Tip. As real estate agents, we know that the most likely purchaser for your property will come from the early marketing of your property. An average agent will just say to you, I have a good offer to buy your home then go around bragging about how quickly they sold it. A great agent will ensure the property is given ample time on the market for all interested buyers to express their interest and ensure they are getting the absolute best price.
Shields Gillman are perfectly positioned to provide the highest standard of service and achieve what we hope is a perfect outcome for you.


Dear Sally & Peter,
Thanks you very much for the effort which led to the successful sale of our Forestville home and the price achieved. The courtesy, feedback and friendliness were much appreciated. Also for coming to see us as I had trouble with stairs
Best wishes and good selling

—Jan Holland / Forestville

“A new chapter for us”
A big Thank you to Shields Gillman Real Estate Forestville
The most amazing , caring , sensitive and truly professional team in real estate I have ever come across.
Thanks Sally and Peter .

—Suzanne Hamilton / Forestville
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