Sam Lau, Sydney, 2000

Sam Lau


Enrich Real Group, Sydney, 2000

Enrich Real Group

L 26/44 Market Street, Sydney
New South Wales 2000
Agency overview

Enrich Real Group is a diversified professional service group consists of 3 Divisions:

1. Real Estate
2. Business Brokers
3. Buyer Agency and Investment Advisory

We are a group of Professionals of Qualified Accountants, Auctioneer, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed Stock and Station Agent, Licensed Business Broker.

Whether you are Buying or Selling a Property, or a Business, We are able to provide these specific services to cover your needs under 1 Roof.

Our Mission Statement:

We strive to enrich your Wealth!

Your Real Estate along with Mortgage and your own Business are the most important assets in your life.

You can’t afford being messed around by non-professionals who often work for their own interest rather than that of yours.

In Enrich Real Group we only focus on 2 Principles: 1. Enrich Our Clients and 2. Our Reputation.

We do not over-quote and we do not mislead.

We work on a realistic basis with integrity for our clients.

Marketing Plan

We always utilise our in-depth expertise to advise the owners the most efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies for their properties. Specific marketing and selling approach will be carefully designed to suit the type of property, which considerations will be given including market conditions(Auction or Private Sale), local area profile, target market group, the condition of the property and marketing budget. Don't forget we are also a financial expert.

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