Sasha Romensky, Kew, 3101

Sasha Romensky

Sales Executive

Doubleday Real Estate - Kew, Kew, 3101

Doubleday Real Estate - Kew

22 Normanby Road, Kew
Victoria 3101
Agency overview

We are ethical Estate Agents who are open and accountable in our dealings, delivering a superior level of service and personal attention, that we believe, leads to results others cannot match.

Our main source of business is by referral and often after another agency's expensive auction campaign did not deliver the expected result.

Preferring the internet, we provide low cost, high impact quality marketing solutions to achieve the best outcome for your property transaction.

Marketing Plan

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal with regard to selling your Property. Whether you decide to sell by an "auction" process" or "private" sale campaign (either method is appropriate but dependant on your specific circumstance) Internet presence is by far the most effective tool in attracting buyers.

In particular, I would suggest presence on,, and of course as well as a a few other selected websites. It is important to note that Agency websites tend only to be a secondary port of call for buyers once they have already viewed the property on predominantly and Domain.

Other forms of print media such as the Weekly review and the Age, can certainly be considered. I am happy to discuss with you further.

The target market for your property will see it on the internet!

Other agencies might say they have market share or greater number of buyers than others( I know this rhetoric first hand, having worked at other agencies) but the reality is that the internet, not an agency, has supreme market share.

Therefore, it comes down to the quality of presentation and marketing of the home combined with the ability and dedication of the chosen agent to negotiate the best possible price for your property.

I am happy to provide you with an itemised account of all advertising expenditure for your review. Anthony ( my work colleague) and I sold a property at 9/9 Coppin Grove, Hawthorn for $830,000, $33,500 more than the last unit sold in the block 3 months earlier. This particular property we sold was on the market ( both Auction and private sale) by two other "prominent" agents before us and despite marketing budgets over $10,000 and $4000 respectively did not yield any results. Our professional approach and modest marketing budget of a little under $1000 ( no board, photos were supplied) yielded an excellent result. Needless to say our vendor was extremely pleased and her experience was vastly different to her previous campaigns with the other " more widely recognised agents". The vendor would love to talk to you about her experience, please feel free to ask for her phone number or email, or indeed any client of past sales.

Our methodology and hard work delivers!

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