Scott Banister-Jones, Claremont, 6010

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Scott BJ Properties - Claremont, Claremont, 6010

Scott BJ Properties - Claremont

PO Box 1106, Claremont, Western Australia 6010
Agency Overview
Go to for client recomendations and a bit about myself. I do business by word of mouth so making sure you get the best result means you will tell your friends and family about me. This is more important than any other reward as it will ensure my business grows.
Marketing Plan
What will ensure you get the absolute top dollar for your property is competition. In the old days people used to list their property a bit high ("so that we have room to negotiate and possibly come down" is what they said). These days everyone can see an overpriced property with the click of a few buttons. The problem with overpricing a property is that it sits on the market and becomes stale resulting in a worse price for the owner in the end (after a drawn out sales process that can take months). If you have competition for a property you will get the best price as buyers try to outbid each other to get the property (sort of like a silent auction). The difference in sale price when I have 10-15 people through the open home compared to when I have 1-3 people is quite remarkable. When people are competing for a property then the original asking price is forgotten as they try to outbid each other.

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