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David Jeffries, Redlynch, 4870

David Jeffries


Redlynch Real Estate - Redlynch, Redlynch, 4870

Redlynch Real Estate - Redlynch

2-4 Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch, Queensland 4870
Agency Overview
Redlynch Real Estate was the very first real estate agency established in the Redlynch area in July 2001. Do not let the name fool you the office services the entire Cairns region from Gordonvale to Palm Cove.
Marketing Plan
There are two types of buyers in the market at any one time, active and passive. active buyers out in the market looking for a property like yours. Active buyers are dedicated to buying. They’re out there every Saturday attending open homes and they’re online looking for new listings. If you advertise only online, these are the buyers you’ll reach.

The buyers you won’t reach are what are called ‘passive buyers’. These are the buyers who are still ‘just thinking’ of moving or sometimes have not thought about moving at all. These buyers however may be open to inspecting a great property but they’re not really looking yet, so they’re not online. These buyers are a little harder to reach but are often the buyers who are more likely to pay a higher price for property.

My marketing plan aims to capture both types of buyers and create competition for your home, ultimately achieving the highest price.
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