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Stacey Auciello

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Honer Dodd Realty - Sans Souci, Sans Souci, 2219

Honer Dodd Realty - Sans Souci

243 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci, New South Wales 2219
Agency Overview
Professional Property Management is our specialty
Income producing real estate is one of the best investments available today – generally producing not only current and future income, but also certain tax advantages and possible growth in equity over time.
One major pitfall of income property is ownership however, has been the perceived “burden of management” which requires not only management skills and experience, but perhaps more importantly, lots of time and tenacity in order to maintain the physical condition of the property and the continual flow of income.
Honer Dodd Realty property management specialists can provide a valuable service by relieving the owner/investor of much of this management burden. We are trained property management professionals with the experience, skill and knowledge to manage and maintain your real estate investment, large or small.
Our objective is to protect and expand on both the fiscal and physical well being of your real estate asset.
Why do successful real estate investors choose us for their property management needs?
Our management team has the training and experience that can free investors from many of the trials and tribulations of leasing and managing renal property – problems of vacancies, uncontrolled expenses, annoying complaints and repair requests. Our goal is to deal with these and other problems on behalf of the property owner so as to maximise the investor’s potential investment return.
Marketing Plan
Marketing your Property for Lease
We will erect a ‘For Lease’ sign on your property within 2 working days of listing (if signs are permitted).
We will place a listing for your property on the two main website and that we
subscribe to and each listing will include at least two photographic images.
We will conduct an unlimited number of private viewings of your property and at least 1 ‘Open for Inspection’ each
week until the property is leased (subject to access provided to us by any current occupant).
All property viewings will be carried out by one of our representatives (we do not give out keys to prospective
We will update you on the status of your available property at least once a week
Leasing your Property
All information and references provided by tenancy applicants will be verified by us within 1 working day of receipt.
All tenancy applicants will be screened on the national tenancy databases that we subscribe to.
Unless you instruct otherwise, all potentially suitable tenancy applications will be referred to you for approval.
We will lease your property for the rental amount nominated in the Management Agency Agreement between us (or
higher if the market justifies it) and the property will not be leased for a lower amount without your prior approval.
Subject to the tenancy commencement date and the tenant’s availability, we will prepare the tenancy documentation
within 2 working days of tenancy approval.
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