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Steve Isakka

Senior Sales Executive

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Ray White Bridgeman Downs

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Agency Overview
Thank You
I hope this email finds you well, and we appreciate the opportunity to supply you with information ascertaining to the appraisal of your property
In selling your home there are four key matters we need to consider:
1. The marketing strategy
2. The most appropriate method of selling your property
3. What Ray White Northside Group is the right agency to sell your home
4. Our key responsibilities and your statutory obligations
The proposal addresses each of these aspects. Our aim is to ensure that the property is exposed to the widest target audience of potential buyers in the current market to ensure that the best possible price is achieved.
In a very short period of time, Ray White has positioned itself as the Northsides premier agency. Stand out premises, effective marketing and exceptional service are our hallmarks
We will not leave anything behind - At Ray White we want to proud of our every sale. Achieving the best price is central to this.
This is why it is so important that we discuss your needs first, agree on a clear selling strategy at the outset to bring the rewards we all crave, and the best result for you.
Let us help you not leave anything behind.


I think to achieve a high price in today’s market, you require the following things;

• A strong brand name and market presence, including one of the largest office networks in Brisbane

• A good network of agents coupled with a strong database program which enables buyers to be networked between properties and to be kept in contact with, as often, a buyer who might reject a property initially will come back to it in 1 to 2 weeks time once they are better educated out there in the market.

• An agent who is prepared to be honest and upfront with you as to market feedback but not to use this as an opportunity for an unnecessary price reductions and to justify any change in their marketing strategy, backed by evidence and activity.

• An agent that is willing to put in the hours, most of importantly the after hours to allow those busy professionals the opportunity to inspect the property and discuss in depth the key features. This is ensured by having a mobile number listed as the contact on all advertisement.

• An agent who understands how to market properties, for example contacting our database, organising private inspections on seven days a week or after hours & cashing in on those key features that set the property apart from others on the market.

I hope this has been helpful in your decision making and would ask that you do not hesitate in contacting me with any queries,also don't hesitate in contacting me should you wish to take the next steps.
There are many differing strategies and best discussed in person. When time permits please give me a call so we can cover the basics and then perhaps an appointment to cover the important fundamentals...)
Marketing Plan
Recommended method of sale

My recommendation for the method of sale for this property would be under the " private treaty" banner justified below.

Private treaty is an extremely effective way of marketing. This option gives the seller and the buyer the greatest opportunity to negotiate the terms and reach agreement on a fair market value.

Our private treaty method is a structured listing process, and is regarded as the premium choice of marketing in the Bridgeman Downs area.

Private Treaty has some benefits as listed below.

• The seller with agent guidance determines an asking price set through using current sales data.
• This private treaty target marketing sets a specific pricing on the property; as a result the buyers know what the sellers expectations are and what price they need to pay.
• The property is priced utilising current sale information; its value and final sale price will be determined through negotiations with individual buyers and the seller can then consider the offers presented without undue pressure.
• The "Private Treaty" aspect will attract more genuinely interested buyers as the buyers don't need to have unconditional finance approval to make offers.
• It allows the sellers and the buyers to negotiate terms without the pressure associated with the auction method.
• The level of market interest will help the seller gauge the price. We can start high and adjust the price accordingly in order to achieve the highest possible price with the real possibility of achieving a premium price as there will be more buyers in a position to make a buying decision, thus increasing competition.
• The seller has the option and may decide to accept an offer on any given day after considering the facts.
• The seller controls the terms of the transaction and actively participates in the sale process.
• A successful purchase requires the payment of a deposit, signing of the relevant contract, obtain unconditional finance approval, a pest and building report. However, whilst this is in process the property will continue to be marketed and back up contracts sought in order to protect you the seller.


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