Tony Nastasi, Yorkeys Knob, 4878

Tony Nastasi

Senior Sales Executive

LJ Hooker Yorkeys Knob , Yorkeys Knob, 4878

LJ Hooker Yorkeys Knob

471 Varley Street, Yorkeys Knob, Queensland 4878
Agency Overview
After 21 years of real estate experience at LJ Hooker Cairns Yorkeys Knob you will be dealing with experienced, reliable agent who strive to provide their clients with regular, up to date information regarding the sale of their property.
Marketing Plan
Good photos for the internet & access to over 10 real estate portals including China to get the maximum exposure for your property 24/7.
High exposure with our local window display and signage
We are the market leaders in Cairns and Yorkeys Knob property sales and we have database of buyers that we contact as soon as we list a new property in the area.
Negotiate the highest price we can for you with any prospective buyer

Hi LJ Hooker Yorkeys, WOW – this is a terrific service. The report and photos leave no doubt
that the property is being looking after and managed well. Thank you. You are to be congratulated
on providing 1st class service. King regards, Anne.

Anne Connolly / Sydney

From our perspective it looked like it would take us about 3 months to personally work on the property to get it ready for renting. We discussed the situation with you and were greatly impressed with your polished professional response. You immediately inspected
the property and came back to us with a rent amount (70% greater than we expected) and a budget amount ( significantly less than we could do it for ourselves) and a deadline for listing the property before Xmas (which we thought was not possible as most contractors
would be shutting down for the Xmas break).We said yes please for you to implement your recommendations, it sounded too good to
be true but we were delighted with the amount of time and inconvenience it would save us. You can only imagine how impressed and overjoyed we were when before Xmas you and your team got the work done on budget and a tenant in the property paying the recommended rent amount.We unreservedly recommend yourself and your team as a first choice

John Boland / Marcoolum

Hi Sue Thanks for making this happen. I really appreciate your professionalism – made a sad situation
easier to deal with. Jayne Preston
Re: approval of Yorkeys Knob Pharmacy. As you know, last week, the health minister, Peter Dutton approved the pharmacy at Yorkeys Knob. It took over 2 years but the outcome was certainly the right one for Yorkeys Knob community. It only happened because of your help. I’m extremely appreciative of your time and energy into this. Thank you so much. Graham

Jane / Brisbane
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