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Walsh Real Estate

125 Military Street, Semaphore, South Australia 5019
Agency Overview
Walsh Real Estate, fiercely independent and dedicated to five star service. Whether selling, buying or managing your investment property we pride ourselves on providing the right advice.

We’re proud of the many years we’ve invested in building our very solid reputation. We’re known for being really down to earth, honest and saying it how it is. We’ve also earned a lot of respect for really knowing the real estate market in our neighbourhood.

People usually find us through referrals from happy clients. A lot of them have bought and sold through us many times over the years. Some of our younger clients have come to us because the parents or grandparents dealt with us many years ago and they’ve been assured we’ll deliver real value.

You can’t survive in this game for as long as we have unless your track record is solid.

You see, we’ve learned that honesty is the best policy when it comes to selling houses. If we think your house has issues which need to be taken care of, we’ll tell you without beating about the bush. If we think our competition isn’t playing fair by trying to impress you with an over-inflated price, we’re going to say it how it is.

So we’re not going to offer needless flattery and we’ll skip a lot of the sales patter so we can get down to business. But we think you’re going to be very grateful for our very direct approach.

Because when we go in to bat on behalf of our clients, we make sure the job is done properly. We know how to deal with difficult buyers and when it gets down to the negotiation stage, you’re going to be really glad we’re on your side.

Why not put us to the test?
If you’re thinking of selling, give us a call for a no-obligation chat. Tell us where your property is and test our knowledge. We think you’ll be impressed.
Marketing Plan
Marketing selling approach, we use our local knowledge to determine the highest possible selling price for your property and have found that the internet most beneficial for attracting the right buyer for your home.

Thanks Sam - it's a tough market but you were tougher so thanks for all the effort from you and the team. Thanks, Tim and Kasse. June 2015

Tim & Kasse Spicer / Peterhead

With all our dealings in real estate this would be the most professional support from any agent. In particular Samantha's feedback, with a few hick-ups along the way, was first class and we thank you. Everything was handled very well. We are very pleased with Walsh Real Estate's work. January 2015

John & Dianne Wilson / Taperoo
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