Tony Dhillon, Kedron, 4031

Tony Dhillon


Lionheart Realty, Kedron, 4031

Lionheart Realty

P.O Box 308 Gympie Road, Kedron, Queensland 4031
Agency Overview
After spending a few years in the Real Estate Industry, It became very clear to me that there has been something missing in the industry because at the end of the day anyone can sell 'or' lease a property.

The name was formed on the basis of the following breakdown,
Lion- Because a Lion puts the pride and it's family before itself. The same way we put our client' s needs before our own needs.
Heart- Because we pour our heart and soul into everything we do.
Lionheart- Because we are brave and courageous like King Richard the Lionheart, not afraid to have the important discussions that need to be had through all levels of negotiation and communication with feedback on the property.
Realty- Because Real Estate is just the house, where as Realty is actually the land the property is on, the air surrounding it - the full sphere.

The motto is "Because Nothing Succeeds like Success" Why? Because unlike other agencies and Real Estate Agents the professionals at Lionheart Realty let the results speak for themselves on the Northside of Brisbane.

When making a decision to list your property for sale, consider how this powerful combination of core principles for doing business will help you achieve the premium price that the market is prepared to pay.
Marketing Plan

Office located in Kedron off Gympie Rd, Why don't you come in and we can discuss in more detail.

Tony Dhillon is the most energetic agent I have probably seen in his first year that I have ever trained and I have trained 10,000 of them. Put him on your shopping list and see if he goes alright for you!

Glenn Twiddle / Brisbane

Pleasure to work with, he's not just a Real Estate Agent and my boss. He's a great mentor and has given me a fantastic insight into Real Estate. I'm hopeful of the future and enjoy working with him.

Alex / Kedron

He is a breath of fresh air, he is one that is very committed to selling your property 'or' getting the best price for you, weather your selling 'or' buying. I will soon be selling a property again and I will surely use him for that purpose.

Emilda / Chermside
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