Tory Resic, Malvern, 3144

Tory Resic

Sales Consultant

Thomson Real Estate - Malvern, Malvern, 3144

Thomson Real Estate - Malvern

1276 High Street, Malvern
Victoria 3144
Agency overview

At Thomson we access the hearts of house hunters like no other agent can. Anyone can pop your property into the broader marketing engine.

However like good reporters, only Thomson can unearth the story in your home. That's important because when you advertise your property for sale, the brand, the ad and the marketing should signal to the buyer "this home has a story worth selling".

Marketing Plan

After inspecting the property we would tailor a marketing schedule to attract interest from the target market.

We have an extensive database investors who we will contact to notify them of the listing. Our marketing would include professional photography, brochures, sign board, advertising on all the major real estate websites, professional copywrite and floorplan.

We can either auction the property or sell privately.
The cost is the same, we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.

To maximise exposure and reduce time on market I would propose to open the property 3 times per week (Twice during the week and a Saturday open)

Premium Brochures are essential as buyers come to the apartment to inspect and take the brochure home with them. I have found that they leave them on the coffee table and look at them as a reminder and even show their friends.

Copy writing by a professional is important as this relays the message that we (you and I ) are conveying to the buyer. This is why you bought this property and what you love about the property. Its an important message to get across as we are selling the story behind why you love the property, such as reading the paper in the courtyard or entertaining a few friends over a bbq with the doors open to the kitchen in summer. Every home has a story worth telling as my Director says, and this is what we are getting across.

The photography and floor plan let the buyer know before they get there, what they will be looking at. It is important through staging and lighting to get professionals and our team that we have used for many years, we believe are the best. As a picture tells a thousand words, we need this to be just right.

Internet platforms that we will use convey 90% if not more of buyers to your property. Having the property highlighted will keep the property in the top few on these sites such as Domain, Real and Real Estate View. It is very important to be highlighted as discussed on the phone this morning.

E-Brochures allow a single brochure to be sent directly to the buyer, whereby the property fits the criteria they are searching for on all the mediums across the internet. Very effective as it sends a single property to the buyer ins tread of 4-5 that normally come through.

Auction day flags are set up at 6am on the day of the auction to alert the locals and neighbours that there is an auction.

SMS alerts and Videos are very effective and are sent out to my buyers before the campaign starts to potential buyers on my "Hot buyers List" and at the end to everyone that came throughout the property to remind them that there is an auction coming up. By putting in the photos and even video in the SMS it is a point of difference, We will also be calling each and every one of them personally however this allows the message to be forwarded to friends and family.

The Artwork and production costing are the fee for putting it all together on the various sites through various mediums.

Lastly the A6 just listed, auction reminder and sold let the locals know that the property is up for sale and allows the marketing scale to reach all corners of the community.

The main point to remember is that this is a proposal of what has and Is currently working for me and these items are important in reaching the maximum price possible. I will be selling why you love the property and the points that will get the buyers emotionally attached. As my Director says "Every home has a story worth telling" and this is what I will be doing.

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