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Xperience Realty, Auchenflower, 4066

Xperience Realty

17 Ridley Street, Auchenflower
Queensland 4066
Agency overview

We are a boutique real estate agency that focuses on selling and managing residential real estate with a twist. We believe that the real estate industry has gone stale and has not kept up with the times and needs a bit of a change. We believe that the traditional method of selling real estate is antiquated and the market is craving for something new and fresh and so here we come to shake things up (like the song!) and save the day!

We feel that in the current marketplace the existing marketing is sub-standard, the negotiations and results are appalling and the customer service is non-existent. We were formed to capitalise on this huge skills and innovation gap and show people that not all real estate agents are the same. We want to be the Virgin to the Qantas, the Apple to the IBM and the Google to the Yahoo. We sound like an IT start-up I know (you should see our office!) but it’s the same principle.

We are trying to inject a bit of personality into the industry and we are trying to humanise the industry and to break the barriers that exists between agent and client and to treat people as people first.

We pride ourselves in not using the same tired old techniques such as newspaper advertising and auctions to sell and rent your property. Instead by embracing technology and social media and our mini-movies have gained a good following in our marketplace and allows your property to stand out from the myriad of plain jane boring ones out there.

We are trying to re-invent and disrupt the industry and our mission is to be the most innovative and dynamic agency of its time and to provide our clients with a profitable and fun real estate Xperience.

Our approach is not for everyone. It is a bit different and not the usual methods you hear from your other typical real estate agents, however, our results that we have achieved for our clients speak volumes.

We’d like to think that we are the underdogs that fight a little bit more to get the best result for our clients and although we don’t have a big brand (yet!), we’ve sold over 200 properties in Brisbane, have next to no rental vacancies, created several raving fans and have won quite a few awards because of the service we are providing and the results we are achieving.

Marketing Plan

Our main point of difference is our unique and disruptive marketing style and strategy and the first thing I’d like to get off our chest is that we are not your typical newspaper pushing or auction agent.

Yes, you heard right, we DON’T use the newspaper or print media. We believe they are expensive and ineffective. You can create amazing, cost-effective campaigns using just the Internet that will sell your property for top dollar. Most agents only push for the newspaper so they can use your money to get some advertising for themselves. That’s the truth behind it.
There are certain properties that will warrant some ads on the paper, but unless your property is a million dollars or more and only in certain areas, the newspaper advertising will do nothing to generate more enquiry for the property. It will generate more branding and profile for the agent and the company, but nothing to get you a result.

We also DON’T believe in Auctions. They are the worst thing that can be done in selling your property. They are designed to sell your property for the lowest price and quickly. This is the way of the lazy agents who just want their quick commissions. They are essentially designed to allow the agent to condition the owner to accept a lower price over time. They play with your expectations and surgically lower and lower them over time that when a half decent offer is accepted, you’ll jump for joy.

It is significantly harder to get a buyer to come up in price than to get a vendor to drop their price and whilst most agents focus on the latter, I charge what I do because I focus on getting the buyer to pay a higher price than most agents and achieving a better outcome. My client testimonials will attest to that.

We believe that we can get you stellar results by doing a strong and creative online campaign as proven time and time again.
• Firstly, we would promote the property through and in pole position to get maximum traffic and exposure. 90% of all enquiry comes through these channels so we need to get the best position as possible to get the most number of enquiries as possible.

• We would focus on generating enquiry through our unique Concept Photography designed to make our properties stand out from the rest. The ‘hero’ shot is the first impressions people get of your property and it needs to be absolutely perfect.

• We focus on the little details. The headline and the copy. We spend a significant amount of time understanding who the target market is to tailor the ad to them and to speak in their language. We need it to be engaging and captivating and to stir up emotions within them that would cause them to pick up the phone, give us a call and to book an inspection.

• We would create one of our mini-movies to showcase the property. We have been using video marketing to market our listings and we’ve been obtaining great results from this. It is also cost effective in exposing the property to a bigger market interstate and internationally. Its purpose is to instils an emotional response from the prospective purchaser and creates that lasting memory and allows you property to stand out from the myriad of others out there. It’s a bit quirky and humorous and designed so people remember the property. It is designed to get them engaged and to spend more time on your property than anyone else.

• We are masters at Social Media Marketing. We would be posting it, ‘gramming it, tweeting it and utilising any Social Media avenue to generate more exposure for the property. Because of the younger and younger buying demographic, this has been proven time and time again to be quite effective in capturing their interest.

• Lastly, I have thousands of exclusive interstate and international clientele database which I’ve nurtured and who will only deal through me because of the relationships I’ve built with them over the years.


I would highly recommend Vish to anyone looking to sell their property in and around the Brisbane area. In future, it’s good to know who I will turn to rather than searching for agents – straight to Vish.

I have worked with Vish on two property sales now; one was my principal place of residence, where best price was key, and the other an investment where timing was more important.

In these examples, the PPOR achieved highest sale price in the building at the time, and the investment ended up being sold in 27 days – so both goals achieved.
The point of difference with Vish, and the reason he gets extraordinary results in my opinion, is that he conducts his business with a marketing / advertising edge over his competitors, and provides his clients with regular and honest communication.

I always say to get a different result you have to take different action to the norm, and when it comes to property sales Vish falls firmly into this category.

I wish Vish and Xperience Realty every success, and I hope to work with him again very soon.

—Adam Dowd / Brisbane City & Nundah

We have known Xperience Property Management for 2 years.

During that time the company has managed our investment at Highgate Hill

Having plenty of experience with property management companies we found the approach of Xperience property management refreshing and enthusiastic.
Inspection and communication has always been professional
The vacant time of our property has never been more than one week which is of important to us.
We can highly recommend the company without hesitation.

—Reino F. (Investor & Landlord) / Highgate Hill

I just wanted let your team know how impressive your services are to me as a tenant. I really do appreciate how hard you all work. I’ve just had my usual property inspection again today, and thoroughly enjoy catching up with your team.

Kerry is always professional, friendly, respectful and fun to chat with. Questions asked about the property tell me how serious you are in managing properties for investor owners, and also importantly any concerns I may have as a tenant. It makes my responsibility in keeping the property in pristine condition an absolute pleasure. You guys really have a great team ! Keep up the fantastic work.

—Marina Magnussen (Tenant) / Brisbane City
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