Zoe King, Mount Eliza, 3930

Zoe King

Senior Property Manager

Hall and Hall Real Estate, Mount Eliza, 3930

Hall and Hall Real Estate

40 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930
Agency Overview
To genuinely serve a community, a real estate agency needs to know that community well. As Mount Eliza’s longest established real estate agency, Hall and Hall Real Estate understands how to serve the people of the Mornington Peninsula better than anyone.

Since the beginning in 1965, Hall and Hall Real Estate has adhered to the tried and tested old-fashioned values of integrity, quality service and a will to deliver results.

The company is a proud real estate business that allows a guaranteed personalised service. Regardless of a client's situation - whether it’s a villa unit, or a multimillion dollar home being negotiated - the team conduct their business with the same commitment, professionalism and attention to detail.

Hall and Hall's exceptional service is driven by the commitment to being trustworthy and acting with integrity. The aim in delivering this exceptional service is to ease the many anxieties associated with buying, selling or leasing a property - a positive experience for all involved.

The directors and new owners, Bill Joycey and Zoe King, are proud to continue after the previous owner, John Richards. Bill and Zoe were chosen to take over the business and to continue operating with the old-fashioned values that the agency has been well known for. It's a strong foundation for the new directors to work from and the new team is confidently going into the future.

Bill and Zoe welcome you to pop into the office or you can call anytime on 9787 1200 to discuss your property needs.
Marketing Plan
When you list your property For Lease with Hall and Hall Real Estate we do the following
- Erect large FOR LEASE board out the front of the property
- Advertise on all major websites plus Hall and Halls personalised website
-30 day Highlight listing on Real Estate.com
- The property is advertised in our window and counter list.
- We have a large database of prospective tenants that we contact each week advising of new properties for lease.
- We will conduct private inspections to ensure the tenants attend scheduled opens and minimise vacancy periods.
- We will diligently process all applications and present them to the landlord for consideration. The landlord makes the final decision on who will move in to their property, with our professional advice.

My partner Natalie has an investment property at Seaford that Zoe King has been helping her manage and under very difficult circumstances.
I just wanted to pass onto you my comments re Zoe. She should be highly commended in doing an exceptional job in helping us with this property. She is highly professional & organised, diligent in carrying out her work. I can't speak more highly of how she managed our property, helping re-let the property in a difficult market very quickly and managing all aspects of this for us in such a superb way.
I haven't met Zoe personally yet but I often train people in the main stream banking industry and would not take time to sing the praises of someone without them deserving it. In fact in my experience it is rare today to get someone so committed, professional, diligent & professional.

Please feel free to use this letter regarding Zoe for any prospective Landlords looking to let their property through your agency. Based on our experience with Zoe, we

D. Hayward / VIC

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that you have been an absolute delight to deal with. I have been both a tenant and a landlord many times over during the course of my adult years, and can say without doubt that property managers play a large role in the attitude of both tenant and landlord. You more than adequately meet what I view as the essential criteria for successful landlord/tenant relations, and following on the heels of our previous property manager, you have been a breath of fresh air. I wish you every success in your future endeavours. Your people skills are an invaluable tool that should see you succeed in whatever you choose to do. Thankyou Zoe. Regards

J. Clifford / Mornington

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the fantastic job Zoe has done for us in the short time she has been managing our property. We have had the same property manager looking after our property and everything was going bad to worse. My Husband did a search on Real Estate companies and sent emails to many agencies asking for some details about their companies. Zoe and another agent were the only ones who replied. When asked one more question the other agent never answered but Zoe was quick to answer all our questions so we went with her. Her diligence was already shining through. We have since been absolutely delighted, Zoe has managed it with ease and always communicated every small step not to mention her determination and commitment to finding just the right tenants for us. Zoe has been everything we were looking for to ensure our property was being looked after. She is always polite, professional and compassionate.

C. & D. Hinde / New Zealand
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