Lia Storer, Sale, 3850

Lia Storer


SPA Gippsland, Sale, 3850

SPA Gippsland

PO Box 971, Sale, Victoria 3850
Agency Overview
Superior Property Agency Gippsland is not only the first mobile Real Estate Agency in Gippsland but also the only agency that specialises in Property Management and does not complete any Sales.

Lia Storer was the force behind the change in the Agency due to watching the changes in generations and the outside world. More and more people are using their electronics to do things. Including searching for property!

Whether you are an investor or a tenant, everyone begins their research on the internet. Lia's idea was to bring the Real Estate Industry up with the digital age and create an online, mobile agency specifically for the investor looking for the next step!
Marketing Plan
SPA Gippsland is very active on Social Media and being in a smaller, country area of Gippsland word of mouth is a great advertiser. We also utilise, .au and and if needed, the local newspaper, but we have found most enquiries come from the social media posts or the signs placed at the property.
Inspections are conducted with an agent to best evaluate the tenant, it is as much matching the property to the tenant as matching the tenant to the property.
We use professional styled photos, 360 photos and also virtual tours of vacant properties to entice more prospective tenants and let them see the property before actually requesting their inspection.
Office Location